About frekvencii.org

Culture mixture of forces which translate into the world as a small anomaly of its own, trying to fight against the traditional norms of what is considered to be a magazine or any kind of journalist website, frekvencii.org has been evolving since 2011 to bring you alternative and contemporary arts, with more focus on the Balkan region.

Mission Statement

Our existence is stubborn, our main drive is love, passion and a strong belief in what we do, share and create. This page explains our mission statement and goals behind the platform.
We are rebels, don’t underestimate that. The art and dance unification of the Balkans is a thing we believe in, to collaborate in various ways to further inspire others for more of the same, future friendships and an inner network that needs to be healthy and collaborative, never competitive, negative and egoistic.
Our past has brought us here, so nurturing it is a very important part of our platform, but our main focus is the future and crafting it in our own way. We are not afraid to fail, we are afraid to stop learning. We do not want to be like the others, we want to be fresh and exciting, like that passion spark which appears at the beginning of love.

For love of electronic music, art, techno, dancing in the darkness and let go to the magic of rave.