About Us

The word “frekvencii” (Macedonian: фреквенции) translates to frequencies, a word which describes occurrences repeating events per unit of time. In human language, frequency kind of equal to life. Our organization has its roots way back in 2011 as “Underground Frequencies” (Подземни Фреквенции / Podzemni Frekvencii), a hardcore punk/rap crossover webzine based in Skopje which included a streaming radio station and e-store with merch and releases from artists themselves.

Since the very birth the goal was to bring people of different cultures and unite them through the unique means of culture and music.

On 2nd of August 2018 the first “real” event happened with the birth of the “Selectas” series, where people from the alternative and underground scene of Skopje played their selection of music in the wonderful Old Bazaar in Skopje, more specifically the cult La Kaña bar.

From this point forward the progress of the platform accelerated and shifted more into the world of electronic music with the first ever review of a techno-based release “Suffocate” by Kronom being published on March 19 of 2019. Until that point frekvencii was still reporting domestically when in May our founder Andrijan had the luck to visit Kosovo for the first time ever, realizing there is much more in closer Balkan countries, a result previously blinded by virtually no reports on commercial media about happenings outside of the borders.

Since that point and forward the mission of frekvencii.org is to bring people of all different cultures and pasts and unite them on the dancefloor, or the euphoria of music listening by carefully selecting the best of the music on the release reviews and covering the wildest and must-go events around the Balkans and neighboring countries.