Dense with Leo Lumezi

Written on May 16, 2020 by

Don’t compromise, rave. A mix from Leo Lumezi, co-founder of Kosovo’s rave and techno organization Servis, takes us to a dark concrete garage with strobe lights flashing over the gloomy fog. An industrial wonderland that for the moment being is your mental spiritual connection with the true techno hypnosis, connecting you to the grooves, the essence of the rhythm and feeling one with the music like there is no tomorrow.

Leo shows the depths of what techno means for him and gives us a glimpse from Prishtina’s raves and their true meaning embedded inside their DNA: A beautiful blend of chaos and tension finely controlled to the right amount, with groove driving basses and rhythms that are bonded with one to create a special experience of a bomb like hypnotic exploration out of your physical realm. A no gimmicks, no bullshit and purest raw techno with the mission of bringing the sound coming out of your speakers to your minds, and further.

Enjoy the ride friends.