Dense with XTECH

Written on May 14, 2020 by Andrijan Apostoloski

The mix entitled “Tribe 2 Tekno” by French DJ and producer XTECH who is also a co-founder of OKUPE, a French based label active since the late 90s specialized strictly in the underground techno ravers, publishing releases that are without any compromise fast, straight-forward and no gimmicks high-quality rave bangers.
We have the pleasure to listen to his live hybrid mix for hour and a half that also contains tracks that are going to be released on the upcoming “BIOHAZARD” EP on vinyl, one of three series that are going to be pressed on vinyl.

XTECH has been super nice to allow us to share this as a free download, so make sure to grab the podcast in high-quality 320kbps mp3 from Soundcloud if you like it. Ravers from the world, unite.

01. Back 2 The Old School – XTECH
02. Overdose – XTECH
03. 2 Shotz – Insane Teknology & XTECH
04. BIG vs PAC – XTECH
05. Pesto On Pasta – Insane Teknology & XTECH
06. Fat Fury – Insane Teknology & XTECH
07. Gimme Like! – XTECH
08. Music On – XTECH
09. Drop Dat Beat – XTECH
10. Gangsta Shit – XTECH
11. Aint’ No Future – XTECH
12. Put Your Hands Up – XTECH
13. The End – XTECH
14. Rushin’ Day 2020 – XTECH
15. Tell Em’ 2020 – XTECH
16. All Right! – XTECH