Jah Wobble & Bill Laswell – Realm Of Spells

Written on July 12, 2019 by Irena

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  • Label: Jah Wobble Records
  • Release Date: Mar 2019
  • Tags: #dub


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After many years without an album from the two of the best bass players in the whole world, they decided to enchant us with a new shit that came out a couple of months ago.[su_spacer size=”0″]

Jah Wobble and Bill Laswell’s new album, named Realm of spells, recorded and mixed at Orange Music, NJ and released through Jah Wobble records takes us back to the native abilities of these two remarkable musicians, and their sound of world music.

The combinations of their bass guitars along with the drums of Hideo Yamaki, Marc Layton-Bennett, Martin Chung’s guitar, George King’s keyboard and the saxophone and flutes by Peter Apfelbaum gave us the wonderful concord of funky jazz-fusion with the deepness and echoes of dub.

In some of the songs you can hear a melodic bass lines which create the core of the song, with weird vibrations of their bass pedals and you can even feel an organ with a sound who serves just to add a specific groove of the song.
So, this album with а duration of 55 minutes, is a great combination of jazz fusion with electronic music and dub, Bill Laswell knows exactly how to produce his music and add sounds of nature while delaying some of them to spice the tracks with the dubby feeling, under the riding beats of the great jazz drums of Yamaki and Bennett and the other instruments, whilst above that all, you can hear the specific color of Jah Wobble’s bass which sounds like you’re getting caught in a spiral and being taken around in it.

If you’re a long-time fan of even one of these two artists, you can easily distinguish the sounds coming from each bass, Bill Laswell creates the essence of the bass, and Jah Wobble just builds the sound with his, while the two drummers are killing it with their cymbals and their specific ways of hitting the snare drums with their sticks.

We can notice the careful selection of the other musicians, so they can efficiently fit to the harmony of their music. Hideo Yamaki often plays drums with Bill Laswell, so they’ve already built their combination. Martin Chung and George King have often played with Jah Wobble on some of his albums.
I consider these two musician’s collaborations as one of the bests because Jah Wobble holds to the traditional sounds in playing his bass, while Bill Laswell has the modern depth in his playing. Although both of them caress the sound of jazz which makes their collaborations exclusively admirable.