SÆDEM – Portae Inferni

Written on September 20, 2020 by Philipp Smaller

How much bang would you like? Yes.

Since the beginning of quarantine artists have been releasing more music then before to at least try to stay afloat and continue with their love. And it feels like more than ever before that many releases get lost in the algorithm. This had almost happened with the latest SÆDEM release. Luckily, if one searches for current bangers themselves, rather than letting machines choose what you might like, you will be able to trace down gems like this one.

SÆDEM or Coscarella Marco is a young DJ, Producer and Remixer from Rome. He came into contact with music at the age of 10 years, starting to play drums. SÆDEM has quickly developed a strong passion for electronic music and started to produce and mix at age 17.
He began his career as a DJ, performing at parties of his city attracting the attention of some domestic and foreign promoters which eventually got him a place at Sticky Ground records from London.

His latest release “Portae Inferni” is 5 tracks strong EP, includes 2 remixes by Kaylah and Kegffnayy and is available on cassette! And it bangs The industrial influence with metallic and raw distorted sounds is strong, but the kicks and bass lines remind you that RAVE is what it is all about here.

The EP starts with “VIVIVI” (which, if my little knowledge of Italian is still any good means “you lived”) a track that introduces itself with loud distortion to then make you start slam dancing to the pumping bass and kicks. And when that hi-hat starts clicking in your head and opens up, there is no holding back of dance moves. The title track “Portae Inferni” (meaning “gates of hell”) then starts exactly the other way around: bass and kicks first, to then be joined by distortions and a sample that says whatever you want it to say. It is again, the great orchestration of that track that stands out. Yes, “Perditit In Flammae Et In Inferno” (meaning “fire lost in hell”) is another 4-to-the-floor slam jam, but the thoughtful craft and orchestration engaging the listener to focus on the individual sounds (headphones recommended) is what makes this EP, and I believe the style of SÆDEM, stand out in a stream of Techno releases.

The two remixes by Kaylah and Kegffnayy display the individual strength of both artists to emphasize an already strong track and give it more depth. While Kaylah gives it a more drone-y approach to make the experimental sounds of the original stand out, Kegffnayy simply gives it more bang and body-slams you even harder than you have been by the original by adding a line of Acid Techno synth that you didn’t know you missed in the original. So, how much bang would you like? Yes.