Vegim – No Destination EP

Written on July 19, 2019 by Andrijan Apostoloski

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  • Label: TMM Records
  • Release Date: 8th Aug 2019
  • Tags: #techno, #kosovo


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Vegim is one of the people from Kosovo that has been involved with the techno scene since the early 90s. Since then he has permuted into this monster producer and DJ that is a staple and a mark of the Kosovo underground techno. It was a very dear friend who introduced me to him (both by playing him to me for the first time and personally), but I did not really got to listen to his music in details until recently.
His first EP named Creature 3000 (featuring producer and DJ Nani Killa) also gave birth to Vegim’s label TMM Records and it holds the first catalog number with TMMR001.

Since then things for Vegim have been evolving like crazy, with countless of releases, vinyls, clubs and gigs played, and most importantly experience behind him. This release holds the catalog number of TMMR247, and things have progressed so far that I’d like to describe this sound as uber-sci-fi futuristic techno.

Vegim’s new upcoming EP on his inhouse label TMM is something that came to me like a slap in the face. This 25 minute EP includes four club bangers that simply have the energy to make you move and if played they won’t ask you if you are sitting home, riding in a bus or whatever the heck you are doing, you will want to move. Monstrous.

It starts with Bypass, huge grooves from the start and shows what is going to come next. I love how the kicks are present all around with the additional sounds of top playing with each other, making it for me the most uplifting one from the EP.

No Destination is a more serious one, more darker vibes and if you ask me, a bit more brutal kick blaring at the start. It’s the hat around 26th second that makes me tingle, a special gift for the listeners that just lasts maybe half a second, that just gets you ready about something big.
And boy, it continues to change and evolve slowly and steadily taking the listeners attention and doing what techno does best: hypnotize you and make you want to move and go elsewhere with the mind.

We Are Not Humans (Rave Edit) is the third one and one thing came to me when I first heard it. It’s that moment when the Kosovar brothers on raves say: Ay, ay, aiyyy! I am looking forward to hearing this on some set on a big sound. I have really good monitors at home, but boy, this in a huge warehouse with subs blasting in my chest? Ravegasm check. It is spooky sounding with ghosts-like sounds appearing on the soundscapes and again on the darker side of things, but just so that it’s just pushing the bar of seriousness with the grooves that are all-present and not losing any momentum so far.

Exhale is the last one from the EP and it starts very interesting, very uplifting with bassy kicks entering soon and probably the most organic of them all. As it progresses forward it becomes more raw and more naked, it becomes harder and more deep.
It is a gradual progression, however it is done with great skill and interesting transitions with perfect timing.
I believe this track can be chosen as an example of what sets Vegim from the other producers, he knows how to make a massive groove without compromising his sound or his idea of the world he creates with his skill of sound manipulation.

Overly all four tracks coexist very well in the EP, and they are all different creating similar but still distinguishable vibes and atmospheres. It is definitely a banger EP for the dancefloor, these tracks will be played on countless raves and will be used as machines for body-movin’. The beats and the technical side of the EP are also very polished and sounding very tight.

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