• Overshift – Of Light and Shade

    reviews techno


    “Techno”. Say the word and most people’s thoughts turn to visions of light sticks, Ecstasy, and dumb costumes. Having been to countless raves myself, I get it. However, since the birth of rave so many years ago, the “techno” umbrella has spread to cover a host of different sounds. For example, “minimal techno”, where today’s pick kicks things off.

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  • Schwefelgelb – Dahinter Das Gesicht

    reviews techno


    Rhythmic and repetitive (in a good way), this EP practices some heavy 80s and 90s industrial worship.

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  • Cults Experienced: Techno Animal – The Brotherhood Of The Bomb

    cults reviews


    When you’re angry or perhaps something bothers you, you may choose to subside your anger with a pill of diazepam or some other stronger benzodiazepine prescribed from your doctor, or you can play music that channels those feelings and magically evaporate them through adrenaline, head-nodding and a smile that never goes away.

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  • In The Mix №31: Gurthang

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    Gurthang hails from the Albanian underground of Tirana and creates the newly formed “Unlit” events with the goal to promote and collaborate on pushing boundaries of rhythm based electronics.

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