• We’ve got featured in Top 60 Indie Music Blogs on Feedspot!



    Very glad to announce that our website got featured within the news aggregator Feedspot on its Top 60 Indie Music Blogs, numbered respectively on 36th place.

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  • In The Mix №31: Gurthang

    in-the-mix podcasts


    Gurthang hails from the Albanian underground of Tirana and creates the newly formed “Unlit” events with the goal to promote and collaborate on pushing boundaries of rhythm based electronics.

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  • Exclusive Preview: Club of Gore – Balkan Gore №1



    We’re glad to announce an exclusive preview of the first Balkan Gore edition by our in-house label Club of Gore. Check out the madness like it came from the 90’s from Bosnian producer Forest People and Kosovar Nani Killa, both delivering heavy artillery behind their battle stations without blinking for a second.

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  • DJ Disrespect – Jamz from the Attic

    reviews techno


    Frankfurt based DJ Disrespect drops a four-track EP entitled Jamz from the Attic for Italian label Scum Collective. One might ask himself what the heck can you actually write about straightforward techno? It isn’t innovative, it’s straightforward and it just bangs, right? Right… Not at all actually. Especially when it comes to DJ Disrespect, things were never so simple to start with.

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