• Dense w/ Pessimist


    October 28, 2020

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  • DJ Bazootka – Leather Coated Bitch


    September 21, 2020

    Leather Coated Bitch is the latest offering from the Balkans blitzkrieg brutalist DJ Bazootka – an inferno of collective entities; cross-weaving the stylizations of ghettotek, Detroit, Dutch punk techno and smoked out brain-danced inflections.

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  • SÆDEM – Portae Inferni


    September 20, 2020

    How much bang would you like? Yes.

    Since the beginning of quarantine artists have been releasing more music then before to at least try to stay afloat and continue with their love. And it feels like more than ever before that many releases get lost in the algorithm. This had almost happened with the latest SÆDEM release. Luckily, if one searches for current bangers themselves, rather than letting machines choose what you might like, you will be able to trace down gems like this one.

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  • Céili Collective – Speed Bumps VA Review


    September 16, 2020

    Different Views, More To Choose

    It is not a new normal. Everything is a new NOW. Céili Collective was recommended to me in my Bandcamp feed and the description “Various artist focused label driving out of London” caught my attention right away. When I then saw that they released a compilation featuring some artists I really like, I bought it on cassette without hesitation and listening.

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  • Club of Gore №1


    September 2, 2020

    If blood was sweat, then death is dance. Sonically marrying brittle landscapes and unknown terror, two producers from the Brutalist location of Skopje bring an offering of four tracks, divulging in themes of industrial trajectories and introspective sonic mass. Weighted and lucid, DJ Sorry capitalizes on the aggressive and agnostic architecture that encloses him, whilst Likvidator invites solemn and reprise, etching a stairwell to the unflinching realms of pure consciousness. Both articulate even measurements of the introspective and the forward-thinking. One for the head as well as the heart.

    The release will be available digitally on 10th September, but you can pre-order now on Bandcamp.

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  • Vladimir Dubyshkin – Pornographic Novel


    August 12, 2020

    Vladimir Dubyshkin is back and is taking us on another trip of his auditory mind adventures. As he explains it himself, this one is a mesh of inspiration from absurd dialogues from Russian lullabies and the overflooding porn culture from the 90s.

    The newest EP “Pornographic Novel” will be released on 21st of August, and is available for pre-ordering on Bandcamp and on Vinyl. It is released on Russian label трип led by Nina Kraviz, and it’s the third installment by him on the label, previously having released a two-parted release “For Various Reasons” on Berlin based Macro Recordings.

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  • Servis Invites Wata Igarashi (06.12.19 in Prishtina, Kosovo)


    August 7, 2020

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  • Pinch – Reality Tunnels


    July 16, 2020

    Reality Tunnels starts with “Entangled Particles” that features Emika on vocals, a very deep sounding track that immediately puts the cards on the table for what is about to come next. The switch from the slow trip-hop breaks to the junglist fast-paced rhythm hugged alongside the massive and atmospheric pads alongside Emika’s vocals is done with a real sense of sound manipulation and creation of the atmospheric universe that only a sound storyteller can do properly.

    And Pinch has never been a producer to create fast-groove-bangers, the words I’d like to use for just dancefloor bangers. The addition of another layer in the sound story is what puts him and this release aside from the others. For some this could be uniqueness, but I believe its first the ability to transform his ideas and transform his soundscapes into reality at the end, besides the unique signals he strongly radiates throughout the album. Continuing forward with the second track and former Roll Deep member Trim on vocals, he introduces us to a sub bass focused tune alongside brutal mid-tone wobbles and industrial sounds throughout.

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  • Pablo Splice – Do The Work


    June 23, 2020

    Presented to me in the following six tracks offered a diversity of sound that I readily welcomed upon receiving this package from Woodwork Recordings. Found here were squelching timbres and artificial artefacts that summoned a kinetic energy I thoroughly enjoyed, those of which I will delve into greater detail with the following account.

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  • Jailed Jamie – Rave Tool


    June 10, 2020

    Have you ever seen a cover and thought: „I am just going to buy it, because this already looks like something I would like“? Rave Tool comes in a relatively normal cassette cover, but it’s the details that made me buy it right from the spot.
    The title itself, „Rave Tool“, already implies what musical journey you are about to take and yet you are not prepared for the tools that are being handed to you.
    Rave Tool is Jailed Jamie’s (also known as Skygaze) debut album and was released on the DIY label Templos Tapes which he started with friends in April 2019.

    This record is not only one single tool, it is a full-on tool box filled with all the gadgets you need for a great rave. Jailed Jamie uses break-beats in a way you probably never heard. Ever.

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