• Dense w/ Bisweed

      dense podcasts


      Bisweed is a producer and DJ from Tallinn, Estonia specialising in proper, deep dubstep that’s highlighting the country’s rich and diverse electronic music scene. He actively releases music since 2009, and his latest appearance is on a V/A by UK label Infernal Sounds called “Future Forms”, released 27th January.

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    • The DJ & The War Crimes

      balkan-scenes editorial

      12.01.2023 — Published on Rolling Stone

      Just before New Years, Rolling Stone dropped a bomb of investigative journalism — Thirty years after a death squad massacred civilians in Bosnia, none of the infamous Arkan’s Tigers have stood trial for their alleged part in those crimes. And for the past few decades, one of them has been spinning trance records at European festivals and clubs.

      There is no need to re-write this or comment, the original article is simply something anyone who is curious about the state of the Balkans and its positioning of rotten people in the every sphere, including the cultural one (and even electronic music). These people are everywhere, in every form, in every former Yugoslav country. There is no place for fascists in music, in culture, in society. Death to fascism, freedom to the people!

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    • Talismann — Percussion Part 3

      reviews techno


      Heavy-weight techno release from Amsterdam producer and DJ Talismann, who’s been successfully releasing techno, house and other electronic music since the late 2000s. The Part 3 is the newest addition of the Percussion series, marked by heavy rhythms and old-school techno soundscapes of a dark dystopian kind.

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    • Kronom — Zrak EP

      reviews techno


      As I write the following review I am currently sitting on a bed, with the embers of the TV flickering at me in near-darkness, in 0-degree weather. I am cursing at the fact that when I woke up this morning, I almost had a full-blown panic attack as I saw snow blanket the best part of my garden area (or concrete plot), after recovering from a two-day stimulant comedown, realising I somehow had to travel to work within the next hour and thirty minutes.

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    • Rico Casazza — Escandon

      electro reviews


      Rico returns with a lush five-tracker reminiscent of warm hues and punctuated percussion, soldered together by funk-appraised electro magma. When I listen to Escandon, I think about two things; how much of a good time I’m having listening to another Rico record, and how much I wish I was smoking a blunt down a Florida highway at night in the warm afterglow (I don’t even own a driver’s license, that’s how dedicated I am).

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    • Dasha Rush x Rod20 x Rødhåd x Surgeon x Speedy J



      Watch and listen to Dasha Rush, Rod20, Rødhåd, Surgeon and Speedy J improvise techno for 7 hours. Let the machines speak, pure madness. Event was part of Amsterdam Dance Event 2022 and took place in the iconic venue Paradiso.

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    • V/A — Purgatorium Inane EP

      reviews techno

      08.11.2022 — Releases 18.11.2022

      Caedite Eos is pleased to present a various artist EP for its second release. This time _asstnt, Leo Laker, Voight Kampff and SlugoS are the ones in charge to deliver four peak-time killer tracks, keeping the same spirit as the first release: pure hard techno with an experimental touch.

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    • Free Download: Burial – South London Boroughs (Striktly DJ Bazootka)



      A free techno remix of Burial’s first South London Boroughs release, a wild DJ Bazootka remake, but true to the original that’s ready for intense club or rave settings. Smokey.

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    • Speedy J — Loudboxer

      cults reviews techno


      Ravers and raverettes, last weekend as I was browsing through some internet pages to discover new music from the industrial sphere of sonics, I stumbled upon this guy Speedy J, a name that I’ve encountered several times before, but for some reason never went beyond to explore his offerings.

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