• Locked Club – Egipet

    electro reviews techno


    The Russian electro-punk duo ‘Locked Club’ have been setting up the stage for distorted and electrified electro since their debut with the “Forever Punk” EP back in 2017.

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  • How-to Decode Fake News?



    The mystique that’s priorly narrated is often finished by the time you are viewing your third Google result, and the path of the journey you took to process the news information disappears as cheap WordPress templates reveal the low-effort fake news outlets.

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  • The Rave Scene of Bulgaria: Stamina

    balkan-scenes editorial


    Stamina is a party crew based in Sofia founded in 2017 that has its portfolio colored with various of techno monsters such as Stanislav Tolkachev, Codex Empire, Ancient Methods, Lag, Scalameriya, Remco Beekwilder, 999999999, Perc… should we continue?

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  • Introductory: Viagra Boys



    A Swedish band fusing jazz, hip-hop, rave and tons of gonzo that ventures in the sea of new-coming post-punk acts. The vocal Sebastian is a very charismatic and on-point antihero that recites his abstractly dark hedonistic lyrics, being the main groove output while the band is fusing these dance music-based beats with majestic diversity and energy each time.

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  • Techno 101: Escape the gate-keepers of techno, and break-through?

    creators editorial techno-101


    As in every other genre on the planet, the industry-led pawns always make their ways into publishing magazines, popular platforms, elitist labels – and at first glance, it makes it seem like actually getting someone to listen to your techno would be like finding a needle in haystack.

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  • Premiere: Kronom x DJ Sorry – Breg

    podcasts premieres


    On this premiere, Skopje based producers Kronom and DJ Sorry create a dangerous, dark and broken electronics, delivering a story onto rhythmic industrial landscape covered in techno and insanely twisted variations and progression of the sounds that are put in the sonic universe they crafted.

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  • Fearful & Mtwn – Exordium

    alternative-electronics drum-bass reviews


    Fearful & Mtwn have twinned to create an LP with very tense and dark atmosphere that gives its narrative, with a lot of rhythm plays and surprises along its ways.

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  • Club of Gore: Dushko Janevski – Pandemic



    For the fifth body smasher, we have Macedonian producer and DJ Dushko Janevski deliver two dance-floor oriented electronics that quite seemly do not hesitate to create sonic universes covered with darkness, but very groovy whilst doing it.

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  • In The Mix №36: Dabari Sound

    in-the-mix podcasts


    Skopje based sound system in progress. Fighting Babylon by the power of Jungle, Drum and Bass, Reggae, Dub, Steppa, Ska, Roots vibes. The only good system is a sound system!

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  • Overshift – Of Light and Shade

    reviews techno


    “Techno”. Say the word and most people’s thoughts turn to visions of light sticks, Ecstasy, and dumb costumes. Having been to countless raves myself, I get it. However, since the birth of rave so many years ago, the “techno” umbrella has spread to cover a host of different sounds. For example, “minimal techno”, where today’s pick kicks things off.

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