About Club of Gore

Club of Gore is our imprint label founded on 25th January 2020th in order to host and publish dark and brutal dance-floor techno that originates from the Balkan region.

The first release that was a split from DJ Sorry and Likvidator that came out on September 10th the same year, and was titled Club of Gore โ„–1. At the start of 2021 in January, Club of Gore published ‘Strictly Straightforward’ by Likvidator that followed with few more singles from him, whilst painting and shaping what the color and signature sound of the label becomes.

Current Discography:

10.09.2020 – Club of Gore โ„–1 (DJ Sorry vs. Likvidator)
17.01.2021 – Likvidator – Strictly Straightforward
30.01.2021 – Likvidator – Camera / Action
28.03.2021 – Likvidator – Glory Antifascist
17.09.2021 – Balkan Blood โ„–1 (Forest People & Nani Killa)

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