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Bleeding Heart – On The Brink Of Defeat

The impeccable album art for Bleeding Heart’s On The Brink of Defeat functions as the frontline vanguard when attempting to explore the extraterrestrial agenda of a destructively macabre species who wish to dominate humanity through sound. Plasma clusters bounce off cosmic debris as these alien creatures establish their presence among yet another solar system. The introductory song Cut By Thorns invokes the eerie sense of the sci-fi unknown with the aircraft sounds subliminally beaming the listener into the fast-paced ambivalence that is this electronic album. With elements of nightcore segments being implemented cosmetically, alongside the synthetic splicing of Infected Mushroom-reminiscent chords, Cut By Thorns is a phantasmagoric wonder that is only the first chapter of this album.

The Gate Has Opened: be wary, for the advent of the supreme being featured on the album art is soon to enter your mind once the anti-matter portcullis has been forged, adorned with ancient rune-stones arching the passageway, and promptly unlocked to merge their void with humanity’s known world. The second track is much more aggressive than its predecessor, for the percussive and bombinating elements alongside the Arabian scales paint the war-chant of the distant hybrid race that has travelled through the unknown cosmos, slowly terraforming the world around them for the supreme metamorphosis that defines their modus operandi. The psychologically heavy-sounding aura of this song gives way to synesthesia as its irregularities eliminate the flow of dance, but bring the listener into a lot more of an immersive experience than anything similar within the techno or liquid scene.

Once the visible superficialities of this new race have been invoked, Gathered by Night brings the listener into the core of the mothership, where hundreds of symbiotic tadpoles stand immobilized within the cryogenic liquid pods. The laboratory the daring space explorer beholds is filled with flashing lights and nodes totally cryptic to the human way of developing scientific machines. The era of man is at an end – an allegory well fabricated by this conclusive short-lived song – and the final vestiges of human civilizations are brought in by the dungeon synth at the very climax and end of this sonic journey.

However, not leaving a taste not sated, the two remixes of the first ode function as juxtapositions of ambience and dance. The djb remix features human dialogue that salvages what is left of man’s final stance against this newfound sci-fi horror, whereas Bulma’s remix is fitted for dancing due to its pulsating, percussive bass as well as the dominance of rolling trance chords. Both of them manage to revive and repurpose the preliminary track

Eclectic, whimsical, and woven in the form of a story, On The Brink Of Defeat is an extremely experimental electronic album that strays away from the techno stencil that many artists fall victim to, but retains the most crucial elements of hardcore synth. The album functions as a soundscape rather than a record, with its tracks instilling a sense of diegetic thrill instead of an allure to dance that can directly be tied to the purple-blooded organism helping the listener visualize this modern masterpiece of electronica. It is an album and a sci-fi horror movie at the same time!