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Audiobahn Vol. 4

  • Location: Somewhere on Vodno, Skopje
  • Date: 27.08
  • Price: 200MKD

Audiobahn together with present you the fourth private rave happening at a semi-secret garden on the mountain of Vodno in Skopje. The series of raves by audio-visual group of friends Audiobahn happen once per month, and we are so happy to help them out on this one to bring our latest In The Mix artist Vegim, one of Kosovo’s techno masters and head of TMM Records based in Prishtina.

Besides Vegim you will have the chance to hear the amazing Robotek alongside newcomer DJ Lesya and Audiobahn’s own resident Bodan Jamakoski.

Full Lineup

Vegim (Kosovo)
Robotek (Macedonia)
Lesya (Macedonia)
Bodan Jamakoski (Macedonia)

You can listen to the almost 2 hours podcast mix from Vegim for on this link.

Because the event is semi-private, meaning that the word for the location just spreads through people that love techno and good electronic music, if you are planning to come you can contact us privately on Facebook for more information.

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