Andrijan Apostoloski is an electronic music producer, mixing and mastering engineer, and gonzo journalist who is also co-founder of

He is born and lives in Skopje, Macedonia and is of half-Macedonian and half-Albanian ethnicity. That gives him a unique glimpse into the multi-cultural and political issues of the Western Balkans, but also igniting his wish to unite the youth of the region through contemporary culture and critical thinking.

In addition of running this platform, he is involved in producing music since 2010, but most notable recent projects include the absurdist rave moniker DJ Bazootka, most frequently published on his imprint label ЗБАЗУТ, and experimental trip-hop/dub music under his Likvidator alter-ego, with many collaborations with local fellow artists.

  • TKNS — Caecus Nervi

    reviews techno


    In the vast world of groove-ridden art such as techno, many of the offerings are simply reinternations of what a certain tune made work, often the same ideas get recycled in slightly different packages, and most importantly it’s often that the producer loses his vision and meaning with the sound he delivers. But if we were to get stuck at what the mainstream (even of the underground) offers, we’d be in depression and crying out loud that nothing is good anymore, that things aren’t as they used to be, just a general negative connotation of music.

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  • dj bluegucci – Korea EP

    reviews techno


    You wake up one day and it’s the end of the 90’s, back when they started making it rawest, the sludgy and aggressive tribal techno is at its peak and mister dj bluegucci takes the stage with this 3-track EP consisting of totalitarian powerful grooves accompanied by saturated bass lines that always compliment and playfully bounce together with sharp and crazy, punchy kicks.

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  • SlugoS — Heretical Subversion

    reviews techno


    SlugoS delivers a dark atmospheric and driving techno album on German Sacred Court, imprint label run by SNTS. The LP format is rarely exploited by producers nowadays, but he luckily gets back to it and delivers a beautifully crafted album that evolves and brings a diverse set of sounds from start to end.

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  • PMG Kolektiv — Rezonator

    electro reviews


    Year 2007 was a different universe for Macedonia, just 6 years before we have somehow survived a civil war, and a year back in 2006 the controversial right-wing dictator Nikola Gruevski had started his 10 year reign which left the country decapitated and split like never before, effects which will be felt for many years to follow. In this times of uncertainty like never before, PMG Kolektiv drop their debut “Rezonator” with political messages on one side, and pure fun hits on the other.

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  • How-to Publish Your Music Online

    creators techno-101


    If you are an independent artist (meaning no label behind you), you will want to get your music on all possible platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, Instagram and others alike. In a world of vast information, its natural to have dozen of possibilities and for these kind of things to become a bit confusing. In this modest post, we go through some bulletproof methods to get your music on the internet.

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  • Dense w/ Bisweed

    dense podcasts


    Bisweed is a producer and DJ from Tallinn, Estonia specialising in proper, deep dubstep that’s highlighting the country’s rich and diverse electronic music scene. He actively releases music since 2009, and his latest appearance is on a V/A by UK label Infernal Sounds called “Future Forms”, released 27th January.

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  • The DJ & The War Crimes

    balkan-scenes editorial


    Just before New Years, Rolling Stone dropped a bomb of investigative journalism — Thirty years after a death squad massacred civilians in Bosnia, none of the infamous Arkan’s Tigers have stood trial for their alleged part in those crimes. And for the past few decades, one of them has been spinning trance records at European festivals and clubs.

    There is no need to re-write this or comment, the original article is simply something anyone who is curious about the state of the Balkans and its positioning of rotten people in the every sphere, including the cultural one (and even electronic music). These people are everywhere, in every form, in every former Yugoslav country. There is no place for fascists in music, in culture, in society. Death to fascism, freedom to the people!

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  • Talismann — Percussion Part 3

    reviews techno


    Heavy-weight techno release from Amsterdam producer and DJ Talismann, who’s been successfully releasing techno, house and other electronic music since the late 2000s. The Part 3 is the newest addition of the Percussion series, marked by heavy rhythms and old-school techno soundscapes of a dark dystopian kind.

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  • Short Reviews: MCR-T — My Voice My Weapon Of Choice

    reviews shorts


    The energetic MCR-T returns with a full-length album flared with ghettotech influences, German rap and lots of powerful techno and electro beats. In the album, he’s the king of the underground, giving us powerful beats, lots containing his vocals which deliver a sharp and precise flow.

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  • V/A — Purgatorium Inane EP

    reviews techno


    Caedite Eos is pleased to present a various artist EP for its second release. This time _asstnt, Leo Laker, Voight Kampff and SlugoS are the ones in charge to deliver four peak-time killer tracks, keeping the same spirit as the first release: pure hard techno with an experimental touch.

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  • Speedy J — Loudboxer

    cults reviews techno


    Ravers and raverettes, last weekend as I was browsing through some internet pages to discover new music from the industrial sphere of sonics, I stumbled upon this guy Speedy J, a name that I’ve encountered several times before, but for some reason never went beyond to explore his offerings.

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  • Hugo Mesi — Yes EP

    reviews techno


    Hugo Mesi a.k.a. Killerkat is a producer and DJ from Tallinn in Estonia, where he runs Mürk techno event series and label from 2012. His upcoming Yes EP (stylized as Y𝑒s) is a wild, surreal and just right amount of crazy techno that’s made in a 4/4 universe, but succeeds to bring a fresh sound with unique concepts, transitions and going beyond the edge whilst maintaining a steady and very confident groove.

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