• SÆDEM – Portae Inferni


    September 20, 2020

    How much bang would you like? Yes.

    Since the beginning of quarantine artists have been releasing more music then before to at least try to stay afloat and continue with their love. And it feels like more than ever before that many releases get lost in the algorithm. This had almost happened with the latest SÆDEM release. Luckily, if one searches for current bangers themselves, rather than letting machines choose what you might like, you will be able to trace down gems like this one.

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  • Céili Collective – Speed Bumps VA Review


    September 16, 2020

    Different Views, More To Choose

    It is not a new normal. Everything is a new NOW. Céili Collective was recommended to me in my Bandcamp feed and the description “Various artist focused label driving out of London” caught my attention right away. When I then saw that they released a compilation featuring some artists I really like, I bought it on cassette without hesitation and listening.

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  • Jailed Jamie – Rave Tool


    June 10, 2020

    Have you ever seen a cover and thought: „I am just going to buy it, because this already looks like something I would like“? Rave Tool comes in a relatively normal cassette cover, but it’s the details that made me buy it right from the spot.
    The title itself, „Rave Tool“, already implies what musical journey you are about to take and yet you are not prepared for the tools that are being handed to you.
    Rave Tool is Jailed Jamie’s (also known as Skygaze) debut album and was released on the DIY label Templos Tapes which he started with friends in April 2019.

    This record is not only one single tool, it is a full-on tool box filled with all the gadgets you need for a great rave. Jailed Jamie uses break-beats in a way you probably never heard. Ever.

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