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AVER – Dressed for CCTV

  • Label: Village Live
  • Release Date: November 2, 2018

There are good albums and bad ones, and there are those type of albums that hit every aspect of your musical taste. These tend to be eccentric in combination and relay mostly on one form as its basis. Its albums like these that get caught in my soul and never leave.

Dressed for CCTV is a trip-hop album that differs from a lot of the newly made, but still hold to its roots of the 90s, it’s a worm that will crawl up in your skin after you listen to it for the first time. It incorporates a lot of different elements from different genres of music which change over the course of the album.
The album kicks off with a short explanation for Automatic art, (a method of creating art (particularly concerning drawings and paintings) created by the English artist Austin Osman Spare in 1913) from the movie “Ex-Machina” from Nathan Bateman, a scientist and the builder of the “Ex-Machina”, which sets the tone perfectly for the whole album. An automatic, free of conscious restraint, exploring its self as it develops song by song. Another interesting thing about this album are the names used for some of the songs which clearly suggest that the producer has a touch with surrealistic playfulness.

The album in terms of character is live and kicking with a dark, saturated and a somewhat sci-fi touch. It is filled with hard hitting drums, some of them programmed and some played live, dub, funky and ambient bass lines, soundscapes made by synth or sampled synthesizers, vibraphones, strings, saxophones, trumpets flutes, scratches, vocals, sampled vocals and more sounds that are hard to define. For example the strange glass like sound which is present in “Village Live Motherfuckers” (sampled from Dick Hymans and Mary Mayos “Moon Gas” (song name “I’m glad there is you”).
Speaking about samples; Bill Dixon, Jack Dejonette, Anthology of Dutch electronic music vol.2 are thrown in the chop machine to cover some of the textures in these tracks. Apart from the samples there is a remix track of a band named The Fear of Being Offline and a guest appearance by the UK MC Kappo.

Other than the producing side of the creative aspect, Aver is also a part of the collective TNC (The Natural Curriculum) in which he is a producer and a mc specialist. Along side Chalk (MC, Producer),SYKES(MC), JAM (Beatboxer) and Omas (DJ). They are active since 2012.
Lately the shot a video for one track of their album “The Best Fertiliser Is The Gardener’s Shadow” called “Don’t Speak Your Mind (Cus It’s Bad For Business)”.