• Club of Gore: Dushko Janevski – Pandemic



    For the fifth body smasher, we have Macedonian producer and DJ Dushko Janevski deliver two dance-floor oriented electronics that quite seemly do not hesitate to create sonic universes covered with darkness, but very groovy whilst doing it.

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  • Exclusive Preview: Club of Gore – Balkan Gore β„–1



    We’re glad to announce an exclusive preview of the first Balkan Gore edition by our in-house label Club of Gore. Check out the madness like it came from the 90’s from Bosnian producer Forest People and Kosovar Nani Killa, both delivering heavy artillery behind their battle stations without blinking for a second.

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  • Balkan Blood β„–1 to be released on 17th September



    On our first Balkan Blood release we have two techno monsters and guerillas from the region: Forest People from Bosnia and Nani Killa from Kosovo shedding the rhythm of the blood sweat.

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