• Roland Rhythm Sample Packs by Apple



    This pack contains uncompressed TR-909, TR-808 and several more Roland rhythm machine samples made by Apple for their Logic Pro DAW.

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  • Free Download: Burial – South London Boroughs (Striktly DJ Bazootka)



    A free techno remix of Burial’s first South London Boroughs release, a wild DJ Bazootka remake, but true to the original that’s ready for intense club or rave settings. Smokey.

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  • Free Download: Nani Killa – Pain



    Kosovar techno producer Nani Killa is known for his aggressive take on techno with body-dominating grooves and energy that never fails to surprise. His latest addition, a free track called ‘Pain’ takes a form of insanely powerful dance-floor melter, proper lava material.

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