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Our podcast series offer you a variety of electronic music ranging from trippy dub to the four-four we love. Curated by frekvencii.org, you can start with our main podcasts: the Balkan-exclusive "In The Mix" series and the international "Dense" series which contain over thirty hours of mixed and curated music by only the best from the underground.

🇪🇸 Dense w/ SlugoS 29.03.2022
🇷🇺 Dense w/ DJ Sickfuck 16.01.2022
🇫🇷 Dense w/ Moskalus 22.06.2021
🇪🇸 Dense w/ Irazu 08.12.2020
🇬🇧 Dense w/ Pessimist 28.10.2020
🇫🇷 Dense w/ XTECH 14.05.2020
🇮🇪 Dense w/ Eomac 24.02.2020
🇮🇹 Dense w/ Bleim01 08.01.2020

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