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Daddy G from Massive Attack on OffFest

  • Place: Epicentar, Skopje
  • Date: 08.06.2019
  • Price: 500MKD (Tickets)

Grant Marshall, also known by the stage name Daddy G, can be considered a spiritual father of what has remained in history as “Bristol sound”. It’s that laid-back dark sound that breathes dub, reggae, funk, disco and hip hop, a sound that left its global traces for almost three decades, represented by protagonists like Massive Attack, Tricky, Portishead, Smith & Mighty…

He was one of the founders of the Wild Bunch Sound System, from which the Massive Attack were born. Besides Mushroom and 3-D, Daddy G was both one of the core members of the group as well as one of the group´s main voices. Way before being part of a band though, Daddy G was known as a DJ. In 1980 he was one of the youngest DJs in Bristol, and his name become a synonym of musical eclecticism. When the Wild Bunch sound system was founded, Daddy G was already a local celebrity. His DJ sets were not only legendary because of their selection and his mixing skills, but because he rocked the microphone as versatile as the wheels of steel. The success of the Massive Attack in the 90s has slowed down the activity of Daddy G as a DJ, but he has never completely left his innate attitude. During Massive’s break periods, Daddy G continues to make people dance in the best clubs around the world.

Local support: DJ VASO

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