This pack contains uncompressed TR-909, TR-808 and several more Roland rhythm machine samples made by Apple for their Logic Pro DAW. These samples are of very high quality, with a lot of dynamics and clarity, perfect for those who want to simply use the most clear and transparent ones, but also for those who need the headroom to manipulate and change their beats.

The archive contains these packs inside:

  • TR-808 Unprocessed & Processed Kits, Modern and Flex Kit
  • TR-909 Unprocessed & Processed Kits and Modern Kit
  • TR-727 Processed Kit
  • TR-707 Processed Kit
  • TR-606 Processed Kit
  • CR-78 Processed Kit

The processed, modern and flex kits are also done by Apple themselves, these are identical to the ones that Logic Pro uses.

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