Illegal substances or drugs have been a part of humanity since we remember of society, from religious usage to recreational and self-medicative purposes — people of all kinds of backgrounds, ages, nationalities and education have been enjoying, experimenting or in the worst cases abusing drugs.

Because raving is highly affiliated with chemicals of all sorts, we’ve made this page as an informational resource for all of those who’re interested in learning, contributing in the discussion, or simply curious about the state of illegal drugs in North Macedonia. We will constantly update this page with guides and resources that may be helpful for many, including harm reduction information which is often overlooked.

⚠️ This page is under construction, we will update you on social media when the resources we’re gathering and writing are going to be published.

ℹ️ If you are in need of help, please contact HOPS — NGO which goals to help drug users, sex workers and other marginal people by providing all the professional resources and help that the government itself lacks. Drug addiction is not something to be ignored and can turn fatal in worst cases.

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We are collecting peoples opinions and information regarding drug usage and harm prevention in North Macedonia, about what the government and police do well and what they don’t, as well as opinions and ideas of what can be done better and how. Please participate in the survey only if you are or have been used any sort of illegal drugs — for recreational, self-medicative or any other purpose. The survey is completely anonymous and most questions are optional.


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