Introductory: 3diz

Written on 3 February 2022 by Andrijan Kalashnikov

Mighty distinct electro with specific flares of acid, topped with old-school sampling give 3diz’s sound a very powerful punch. Perfect for the dance-floor, but also when working as the head-nodding isn’t a problem for his sound at all.

Hailing from somewhere in Germany, 3diz is a somewhat mysterious producer that pushes a very distinct sound of electro – something that’s rare these days and can be somewhat problematic to distinguish between all of those that are in the same ocean.

3diz perfectly finds the balance between distortion and punch, melodies and elements such as vocal samples done the old school way, and all of that combined is a product of very refined but still dirty and powerful electro. Topped with breaks, minimalistic melodic stabs and pads that open up galaxies of their own.

3diz on Bandcamp
3diz on Soundcloud
3diz on Instagram


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