About Christian Scott's performance at Nishville Jazz Festival

Written on August 21, 2019 by Irena Stevanovska

It’s a great honour having the opportunity to listen to the most respected jazz musicians of this century.
Introducing Christian Scott as Miles Davis of the new generation, I’ll describe the impressions I got from his live performance at the Nishville Jazz festival on 9th of August.
The first thing that needs to be mentioned is that he succeeded in gathering five of the most talented jazz musicians to make them function perfectly as a sextet. In their live performance, you can notice the respect they have for each other reflected in their sound.
With the whole knowledge they have about jazz music, they’re paying respect to the older and great jazz musicians with the so-called stretch music which Christian Scott introduced it in his 2015 album with the same name, describing the concept as an approach to create a more absorbent or sensitive kind of jazz. Explaining that this concept fully understands the jazz traditions that came before and doesn’t attempt to replace them, instead they try to stretch the jazz rhythms, melodies, harmonic conventions to encompass as many musical forms as possible.
And we can all say that they pretty much accomplished it.
As for the live performance, while watching and hearing the concert, I couldn’t believe that it is possible for someone to play those instruments live like that. Sounding just like on a record with the greatest mix and master possible they managed to perform a stunning concert.
Christian Scott as a leader of the band, played a little bit of his trumpet and left space for a lot of great solos and combinations for the other instruments. While walking back and forth through the stage with his native style he looked restless, but later as he approached to his horn and started playing, we could feel his soul just melting out of that instrument, hitting right in the essence of what jazz music should sound in the second century of its existence.
When it comes to the other five people of the band I have to mention the sublime skills of Correy Fonville playing his drums sounding like a living drum machine and giving out the essence of the hip hop snare on his SPD SX sampler which adds to the contemporary sound of this new era of jazz in which they are the main revolutionists.
For the end, they decided us to honor us with Herbie Hancock’s Eye of the hurricane sounding like an update version of the 60’s jazz musicians. They obviously know their native sound and know exactly what to add to make it sound extraordinary, futuristic and majestic.
Considering that most of the younger generations didn’t lived in the era of traditional jazz, I would highly recommend being present on Christian Scott’s concert if possible because this is the traditional jazz of the new jazz era, and this sextet is one of the few bands who’s succeeding to take you out of anything physical in this world.