Hapësira announced Prelude to the Visions with Giegling

Written on 21.06.2022 by old.frekvencii.org Staff Content

Giegling is a German label and collective found back in 2009, known for its beautiful and colorful dubby releases from artists such as Kettenkarussell, Leafar Legov, Traumprinz and many others. Just few days ago, Hapësira have announced that members of the Giegling crew will host their annual Prelude to the Visions event happening in Kukaj, a remote village in the beautiful mountains of the Prishtina area.

So far according to Resident Advisor; DJ Dustin, Leafar Legov and Elli have been announced from the collective, with a guest joining them. The event is held on 16th July in the ethno village of Kukaj, near the capital city of Prishtina.

Prelude to the Visions is an annual festival organized by Hapësira, one of the leading rave organizations in Kosovo, providing the ravers with many contemporary and underground techno artists with several event series across the country. You can read the interview with Uran Badivuku we’ve made back in 2019.

For more accurate information regarding the artists, follow Hapësira on Facebook, Instagram or Resident Advisor.

Ticket information is not yet available, however they will be available for purchase on Resident Advisor.

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