Desonanz x SUTRA🇷🇸 Serbia

Desonanz Festival together with the SUTRA team, BTKRSH, and Drugstore Belgrade invite you to this amazing night in October that is headlined by the amazing Pessimist that has released for Blackest Ever Black, Eomac and Ontal. A night for dark futuristic bass industriale.

(Blackest Ever Black / UVB-76 Music / Pessimist Productions, UK)
We are proud to finally host Pessimist, a hero of contemporary cross-genre invention that speaks directly to the dancers’ primal selves. Finding new horizons beyond the techno/d’n’b axis he achieved deserved acclaim with his debut album for Blackest Ever Black, whose founder Kiran Sande best described it’s impact: “It is hard to think of a producer that has so radically, and successfully, reinvented/deconstructed the jungle-techno relationship.”
(Eotrax / Killekill / Stroboscopic Artefacts, IE)
A new transmission from the man who has already built a loving relationship with both Belgrade’s and Skopje’s rave posse – let’s continue to go beyond together! Eomac is the champion of intricate yet primitive rhythmic organization of sound that is propulsive and vibrant like no other. His solo efforts, his work in Lakker, his curating work on Eotrax all show rare dedication to the exploration of ever changing electronic music (im)possibilities.
(Mord Records / Pi Electronics / Horo / Jezgro, RS)
Ontal set aside the cast-iron principles of today’s genres and committed to the world of imagination. In this world, there is no place for the constantly recycled concepts of darkness and destruction that dominate certain genres. Neither is there place for the hedonistic simplicity of other genres. In fact, there is no place for genres at all. Progress and future are the only focus.
Local boiz:
Andreas Hz b2b Kronom (Desonanz Festival / BTKRSH, MK)