Stenny shares some thoughts about Visions of Beyond

Written on August 30, 2019 by Andrijan Apostoloski

Previously in August we attended Visions of Beyond, annual event by Prishtina organization Hapësira. I managed to ask Stenny a few questions about the event itself and ask around about him being a DJ as well.
First of all thank you for taking the time for taking a part of this article. I would start by saying that your set was amazing but I am sure you heard it a lot, so I’d move on to the curiosity part right away.
If I am not mistaken you have started DJing around 2009. That is ten years of being active in the scene, how would you say that your experience has evolved through that time?

Thanks for the compliment! I was 13/14 when i started to hustle with records, and maybe 19 when I played for the first time in a club, but until 2014 my DJ activity was still very sporadic, so i would say the last 4/5 years are those which really mattered, thanks eventually to a proper club residency, which played a key role in implementing confidence and sensitivity.
Getting used to play in very different settings improved my experience, for sure, but dedication and constant training are fundamental. It’s very important for me, to keep the focus all the time, even if the technical skills are somehow consolidated.
First time in Kosovo, right? What did you truly expect and what did you receive? Does Kosovo have something magical happening above the clouds of techno and electronic music?
I didn’t have a clear picture about Kosovo scene, but i somehow felt that was going to be a special night, just by looking at the location and the line-up.
I received a really warm welcome and hospitality, therefore I got in the best mood for DJing.
The atmosphere at the party was simply great, I could feel people excitement, and their focus on the sound. I’m not sure if everything I played matched their expectations, but people seemed very receptive and enthusiat.
I’m pretty convinced that with such attitude, Kosovo scene already has definitely its own magic and every credential to grow even further and state it loudly.
Having played for so much you have surely seen variety of things, from clubs like Berghain to some weird but unique places. What is your favorite surrounding to play, and what has been your weirdest experience as a DJ so far?
True, I’ve seen and had the opportunity to play in some amazing clubs, but there are much more I didn’t visit yet.
I love to play in a dark, sweaty basement as much as in a festival kind of setting.
I must say that Visions Of Beyond, it might be one of the most unique location I’ve seen so far, props for that.
I had no particularly weird experience yet, a handful of times I played for 10 people if even, but it was somehow funny, as I remember them being very grateful for the music, and that’s the best thing for me.
📸 Photo credits: Elmedina Arapi, Hapësira