TExN presents Loose Lips

From TExN:
For our techno experimental night #9 we are showcasing the gritty UK sound with the one and only Loose Lips crew featuring ROMMEK, Medallion Man, T-Scale and Torn Relics who are also some of the main heads behind Threads Radio. This 24h outdoor mini festival event will also host some of the best Bulgarian electronic music projects!


Loose Lips Crew

▪️ Rommek
▪️ Medallion Man
▪️ T-Scale
▪️ Torn Relics (Live)

Bulgaria Crew

▪️ Markov
▪️ Cardioactive
▪️ Lesnik (Live)
▪️ Cinnamint
▪️ Milan
▪️ xDEx (Live)
▪️ V-Stok (Live)
▪️ Nacht
▪️ Roboknob (Live)

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06.12.19 Wata Igarashi
🇽🇰 Prishtina, XS
11.12.19 OAKE, Parhelic Shell
🇲🇰 Skopje, MK
13.12.19 Blush Response
🇽🇰 Prishtina, XS
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