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The Magical Prelude of the Visions

Article written by Andrijan Apostoloski, photograph taken by Creative Fields

For me this was one of the most magical musical gatherings I have attended personally. From Prishtina I teleported into this place that is approximately 850m high, hidden from civilization and only felt by the gods of nature, and we the people attending.

The road from Skopje to Prishtina with a car takes about half an hour to forty minutes. I took my ticket for the event in Prishtina, went to eat something and took the map to go to Kukavicë, a village that is around 30 kilometers away from the city, but it feels like is so hidden away from civilization that you get that feeling that you are somehow alone with the nature, you can connect with the clean air and the ambience of enjoying yourself just being alive.
This is my second Hapësira event I’m attending after DVS-1 in Rilindja and when I did the article about the Kosovo Rave scene before, Uran, one of the founders of Hapësira said this about the concept of Visions of Beyond:
“On the other hand, Visions of Beyond (VoB) can be considered as a more innovative and often risky approach to the music scene in Kosovo. In this case, Hapësira tries to maximize the impact music has on people, to try and instill cultural values through the promotion of Cultural Heritage localities.”
Hapësira’s Rilindja events are a very different story, which I personally also love very much, but Visions of Beyond is something else. This particular event was a warming up, a prelude for the main Visions of Beyond that is going to happen in August in Harilaq Fortress, which is also around 30 kilometers away from Prishtina but on the western side of Kosovo.
We came around 20:30h and it was still relatively early but there were people scattered all around the location enjoying the peaceful settings of the Ethno Village settlement while Gent was warming up and playing beautiful hypnotic grooves in the dance floor. The thing about the place is you have this big settlement that is breathtaking, trees and chill zones everywhere, it’s open air and you are free to move everywhere.

Photo by Doan Akiti

I scattered around the place to explore it more and it was time to groove. The music stage was downward like in an old antique theater with several levels of steps and personally as the music progressed I went one step downwards.
After Gent, Pandaudio from Kosovo-based Servis had an absolutely body-moving and mind-shifing set. The breakbeat elements, the techno, the choice was on spot and made me tingle inside.

Efdemin at Prelude to the Visions 2019

We are still in awe.
🌀 s p e e c h l e ss 🌀
Lord Efdemin preluding.

Posted by Hapësira on Monday, July 8, 2019

Efdemin really surprised me with his set and the magic he gave us that night. It was hypnotic, but it was intense as well. Danceable, groovy, deep and hard at the same time. Beautiful, it makes you think things in your mind and tells you nothing except dancing and being in the moment is important. A proper don, a master. Thank you.
Peter Van Hoesen took over at 4AM and played until the very end, the daylight came with him and I immersed totally into the dancefloor. Hardcore depths of the dancefloor with the sun blazing through the fence at the Ethno Village is something anyone should experience at least once in their life. It is truly magical.
At the end… well, what I had was a big smile in my soul. I was with the music since I stepped inside the Ethno Village settlement and I evolved with it until the end. A beautiful experience that was organized and done properly that was done on a unique and beautiful location with every part of the line-up totally giving their full love to the audience.
This event totally exceeded my expectations, left me with love and smiles in my soul and of course – gave me one more assurance that Kosovo is one of the strongest forces in techno and electronic music in the Balkans currently. Much love. And I am not forgetting that this was only a Prelude… Wow. See you on Visions of Beyond 2019 later in August, I can’t wait.
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