Frequently Asked Questions

These are the questions we receive frequently, answered on one page. If you have additional questions that aren’t covered on this page, feel free to reach out.

Since when does Underground Frequencies exist, and how?

May 2011th is the birthdate of UF. It started in Macedonian language with the appearance of Подземни Фреквенции (U.F. in Macedonian language), but quickly evolved into a platform with a gonzo journalist webzine and discussions board where music enthusiasts shared and collaborated mostly on music.

I have a mix, would you publish it?

First, it’s amazing that you are crafting art and you’ve made a mix. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with a link from your mix, but don’t forget to include a short biography so we know who you are.

We only accept mix suggestions from DJs and artists that come from the Balkan region.

Can I send you some demos for Club of Gore label?

Yup, feel free to contact us with your demos.

Why do you have pop-ups, ads and clickbait titles?

The reason why we chose to not have any of those and completely go with heads in the wall is because we believe the visitors on our website should have a clean and fast experience that emphasizes on content, and not baiting people for more clicks in order to satisfy advertisers, which in turn automatically deters the content that’s being published on the platform and colorizes it to follow a certain principle that can be sold. In translation, we do not support any ads or other malicious music industry tricks for gaining profits because we believe in gonzo journalism, and uncensored opinion comes at first.

Additionally, we offer all of our content free of charge with no subscription required, and we’re reliant on donations and self investments from the staff members and other contributors. An exemption of this rule is our label, which completely shares its funds with the artists, and our mixing and mastering services that we offer for a reasonable pricing for independent artists and labels.

No cookies, no malicious scripts, nothing to sell. We’ve been, we are, and we always will offer what we can completely free of charge, however if you like what we do, please don’t hesitate to donate any amount so we’re able to sustain in this cruel world tomorrow.

Do you guys support piracy?

In short: No, but we have some history with it. At the end of 2015 we created an imprint torrent tracker called ‘YuTracker‘ which had the goal to unite all the music collectors and push for releasing of previously unavailable Yugoslav releases to the public. Although the project was very optimistic at start, the resources and whole goals which it was created shifted into something that was not achievable by us.

We support buying music directly from the artists, and if not available and very old, dig deeper or add yourself to the wishlist on the Discogs stores. Torrents are a wonderful technological gift, however pirating music is something we discourage highly, as artists depend on our support the most.

We don’t recommend and mostly don’t support streaming, however if that’s your only option, better stream than steal. As you know, this doesn’t apply for any case, but use your common sense and don’t forget to donate or purchase music that you groove with.

Are you guys communist?

No, we’re not politicians. We’re cultural activists and we believe in what’s called a united Balkan, that’s achievable through art and culture. This means that no borders should propagate the scenes within our small countries, as we thrive for further collaborating and exchanging music, artists, podcasts and information from promoters and organizations alike.

However we’re proud antifascists, and this means that we fully support LGBT rights and by no means we’ll stand behind any kind of nationalism, xenophobia or similar society fascism that’s very pronounced in these regions where we’re located.

We’ve had one isolated case where we’ve published a podcast by a person who threatened one of the core members by nationalistic means, in which we immediately removed the contribution and created the now defunct Anti-fascist Manifest.

In short, we will not tolerate any hate for anyone. This is a platform to share the best of the underground from a highly complex political region, and we’re trying to stay away from boring and already passed issues such as that one.

Are you guys bunch of junkies promoting drug music?

No, but as we’re fully aware that drug is a taboo theme, we fight for more informative scene where safe consumption of any chemicals is wide knowledge.

Are you guys illegal?

Yes. Currently Underground Frequencies exists as a non-legal entity, however we plan to form an NGO in 2022.

Who sponsors you?

Nobody. We’re reliant strongly from donations, as we do not put any advertisements on our website or content. If you want to donate, please click here.

Are you guys just another techno collective?

No, we’re not just techno. Most of the times the genre is put to the main focus, but we look to diversify our content and reach other spectrums of alternative electronic music, culture and with those the scenes. If you’re up for contributing, please look into volunteering and bringing new and fresh content to UF.

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