• PMG Kolektiv — Rezonator

    electro reviews

    12 February 2023

    Year 2007 was a different universe for Macedonia, just 6 years before we have somehow survived a civil war, and a year back in 2006 the controversial right-wing dictator Nikola Gruevski had started his 10 year reign which left the country decapitated and split like never before, effects which will be felt for many years to follow. In this times of uncertainty like never before, PMG Kolektiv drop their debut “Rezonator” with political messages on one side, and pure fun hits on the other.

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  • Free Download: Burial – South London Boroughs (Striktly DJ Bazootka)


    8 November 2022

    A free techno remix of Burial’s first South London Boroughs release, a wild DJ Bazootka remake, but true to the original that’s ready for intense club or rave settings. Smokey.

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  • Nyctophiliac – Jazz It Up

    reviews trip-hop

    3 September 2021

    Nyctophiliac is the alter-ego of Aleksandar Stojanovski, our co-founder and an excellent trip-hop crafter from Skopje that sound can be explained as he’s the messiah of the dark and gloomy jazz nights since his first debut with “Dark Side of the Mental” back in 2016 until his prior release “Everyday Existence” released last year; however with “Jazz It Up” he unfolds a previously unknown sonic universe to us and decided to shed the beams of lights through the magic of music.

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  • Likvidator – Tripping Over God

    illbient reviews

    5 July 2019

    I first came across Likvidator back in mid-2016 whilst reviewing an album he’d collaborated on. Upon investigation, I was struck by the diversity of his sound, as there were elements of illbient, dark hop, and noise littered across his freshman EP. Three years later, this Macedonian sound artist returns with his latest official offering, Tripping Over God.

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  • Kronom – Suffocate EP

    reviews techno

    19 March 2019

    Darkness is everywhere around. It’s you and your freedom of will allowing you to make a choice. Are you going to be scared of it, or accept it as a part of your very own?

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