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Funkonami – Low Fidelity Whisperer

  • Label: Effiscienz
  • Release Date: Sept 15, 2018
  • Tags: #jazzy hip-hop, #turntablism

2018, a year when suddenly a flood came from the Mediterranean set to Europe and to the heads nodding to instrumental hip hop in the west.
Introducing Funkonami’s “Low Fidelity Whisperer”. The reason why I especially like this album aside from it being a highly skilled craft is the production behind it.
The reverb on the snare and on the samples is so deep that you are swooped immediately under water with currents so high nodding. From beginning to end it pulses like a torpedo.
It is interesting how things progress with this beat smith. After a series of conceptual albums (by name) he managed to attain the sound that he sought after in the albums that preceded the “Whisperer”. Starting from “Deep into The Forest” which is a 42-minute jazzy instrumental hip-hop experience the sharpening is made and proceeding to “Into the Deep Ocean” ends at “Low Fidelity Whisperer”. The last being the completed work of instrumental hip hop that, in my free guessing, was sought after in the last years of producing.

The length of the album is that of 39 minutes and consists of 14 well baked instrumentals with a lot of scratching from DJ’s such as DJ Evil Ed, DJ Chmielix, DJ Soma, DJ Johnny Jazz, DJ Bombeardo and Alex Plato.

Much if not all of the instrumentals are made directly with the SP 1200, and in terms of elements in them consists a fusion between well bit-crushed synths, vibraphones and piano with high toned trumpets and saxophones recurring like drops of water on the ocean, sometimes even last long as a long months rain. Funky electric bass lines who double up the punch and attack of the kicks are present. They can be most clearly noticed in songs as “Straight Chilling”, “Absolute Ceiling” and “Next Level”. Also accompanying the wide range of samples, every now and then a guitar shows its neck. The playfulness in rhythm is restless, constantly bumping in succession the essential part of the drum. Hats flying vultures, kicks kicking down storm, snares tearing down the thrown of the Olympic pantheon.

Funkonami is active since 2010, his first project being a electronic oriented project. Four years after his first project he releases his first debut on Dusted Wax Kingdom, a Bulgarian based international nonprofit label for trip-hop, down-tempo, lo-fi, turntablism and electronica founded by Dimitar Kalinov a.k.a VPD, with the name  “Tripoetry More Than Meets The Soul” which than follows it with an EP in 2015 named “Globetrotting” mainly consisting of samples of vocals from the Folk, World & Country genre. After that he relocates his releases to another label with the residents in Manchester UK named Village Live. Releasing 2 albums “Deep into The Forest” 2016 and “Into the Deep Ocean” 2017 before once again relocating to a label based in France on which he released his last album “Low Fidelity Whisperer” in 2018.