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In The Mix #13: Mirko Popov

Probably the most controversial DJ from Macedonia, the name Mirko Popov is one of the stamps of the Macedonian electronic scene in the country. He’s been active as a DJ and music maker since the early 90s and is one of the key figures in Kanal 103, the most famous alternative radio station from the country. Besides this he is the founder of PMG Recordings started in ’98 and founded a band PMG Kolektiv three years before in ’95. One of the key figures in the Macedonian electronic scene.

Mirko Popov about the mix:
I really like quality people: young, talented, smart, creative and hungry for action. They inspire me and give me energy to create, to go forward and to push mountains ahead. Smart and young people like that are a true inspiration, but also my direct companions for creating our new electronic label PMG Tanz Digital, for which we’ll try to further seek for contemporary Macedonian music. This DJ mix is my personal musical understanding of a sound called disco but is essentially dedicated to BarumBarum, the outbreak on the Macedonian electronic music scene this year. Kids that is worth still standing for.

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01. Victorla – Maritime Tatami
02. Bufi – Brujerias
03. Barum Barum – Sensation
04. Kukla – Astronaut
05. Cabaret Voltaire – Don’t Argue ( Dance Mix)
06. International Anything – Echo of the Years
07. Essaie Pas – Complet Brouille
08. Moderna + Theus Mago – Pesos not Besos
09. As Smooth As – Bittersweet Strasse
10. Phuncadelica + J.O.D. – Amore Amatico
11. Fantastic Twins – The New You
12. P.I.L. – Warrior
13. Meat Beat Manifesto – Break Test
14. Liluzu – I Think That
15. Gabe Gurnsey – New Kind
16. Childish Gambino – This is America
17. Brian Eno & David Byrne – The Jezebel Spirit
18. Stephen Mallinder – Working (You Are)
19. The Vision – Heaven (KONs edit)

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Mirko Popov on Soundcloud
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PMG Recordings on Soundcloud
In The Mix #11: BarumBarum

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