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In The Mix #9: T-Scale

For the 9th edition of our In The Mix podcast series, we have our dear friend and amazing producer and DJ T-Scale from Liege, Belgium put a brain-twitching eclectic mix for us. He is one of the heads of Loose Lips – a UK-based platform similar to ours and one of the co-founders of the Faster Than Music label based in Skopje.

T-Scale about the mix:
I’ve put together a bunch of tracks I’ve been playing on radio and at gigs for the past few months as well as some unreleased demos, some of my released and forthcoming music and some of the latest tunes i’ve been enjoying recently.
Then, I’ve put all that in a plutonium-powered blender, creating a powerful time-bending torque compatible with most modern computers and audio interfaces.
To drink hot or cold with an optional straw in each ear. Enjoy.

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1. Deaf Joe – Pleasure and Pain
2. Blood Music – Like Like Like Like Like Like Like Like Like Like Like Like Like Like Like Like Like Like (Fluf)
3. Likvidator – Nightmares On The Other Side (
4. Shards – Lost (Erased Tapes)
5. Sontag Shogun – Kienast Dans Un Parc (Youngbloods)
6. Sid Quirk – Indelible (unreleased)
7. halojo – kurajyt na bedniq samurai (XPOHNKA)
8. De Bons en Pierre – Ebmeme (Dark Entries)
9. Iron Curtis – Arash (Office Recordings)
10. Yr Lovely Dead Moon – Physical Corpses (Kepler452b)
11. TENEBRE – Nightshift (Caldera Remix) (WNCL Recordings)
12. Addictionproblem – Where Do U Belong (Mrs Radar Music)
13. Honzo – Depression Post Mortem (Monolith Records)
14. Cocktail Party Effect – Triops (Tectonic Recordings)
15. Oberman Knocks – Vencer Quad Cutt (aperture)
16. Ice_Eyes – Cyan Gradient (Renick Bell Remix) (Genot Center)
17. J-Shadow – Embers (Bun The Grid)
18. SWARMM – DYSTOPICLUBTUNE1 (unreleased)
19. T-Scale – SwagNoSwag (Faster Than Music)
20. SHE Spells Doom – Death Screen (Monstart)
21. Zilla With Her Eyes Shut – The Sleepwalker (Cassius Select Remix) (Accidental Jnr)
22. SKWIG – WARDUB (The Bass Society)
23. Client_03 – Interest Reset (Astrophonica)
24. JamesBangura – 0337 (PERCUSSION FUNCTIONS)
25. Mike Drones & Loëpa – Bad Habit (Daniel Ruane Remix) (Deep Cover)
27. smog – Dazzle (oqko)
28. Charlie Boy Manson And The Handsome Family – Charlie’s Angels (T-Scale #feelaliveinside Remix) (Loose Lips)
29. Fragile X – The Butterfly Effect (Bricolage)
30. STAVROGIN – Carpenter’s Blood Test (WNCL Recordings)
31. East Of Oceans – Hard Red (R&S Records)
32. Nigga Creep – DJ Sound Outro
T-Scale on Soundcloud
Faster Than Music on Bandcamp

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