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Premiere: Japanese Acid Person – Keep Falling Asleep [FREK002]

Japanese Acid Person is the perfectly self-explanatory alias of Tokyo-based artist Takashi Yamamoto, conceptually encompassing both his 15 year experience as a drummer and his love of analog gear instilled into two pieces of fuzzy polyrhythmic techno workouts slithering along corrosive industrial soundscapes, punctuated by granulated musique concrète-style samples.

Over the course of the EP, Takashi presents a pair of powerful techno grooves seemingly emerging on their own volition out of junkyard of metal scraps and corrosive acid pools, leading both mind and body through an utterly alien landscape, never languishing and never tiring.

The release enters digital distribution via Bandcamp and bigger stores on 6th of August.

Premiering on HATE LAB:

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Keep Falling Asleep EP

Japanese Acid Person
6th Aug 2019

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