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Kronom – Visions 009

Kronom continues the saga as a ruler of darkness transmitted through his sound with his latest addition “Visions 009”.

Released for the French audio and visual organization Kornarion, it is a very huge mark stating the sound of Kronom – making a statement for his love of percussions and drum and bass, but also the grit and unapologetic way of bringing the depth of his ambience straight into your face, a very fine way of him showing his involvement with more deeper “bass” music and electronics in general thus setting position of his unique style, only marked, but not led by any specific genre.

After falling in love with Suffocate, It took me some time to sit and get my hands on Visions 009. It is a very serious release that came straight after his single “Divo Meso” released for Tales of Sounds. It’s one of those EPs that you know you can’t just play in every mood, but after all, that is somewhat to be expected of this kind of music and Kronom and general as a producer, which is only a good thing – he created a sound of his own that needs huge respect in order to be understood properly.

The ninth set of Visions on Kornarion starts with Ostro, a killer track that just straight away shoots brutally without a warning. Only few bars of industrial sounding monsters are a sign of what is coming next. Militant approach by the drum section and as the track progresses we are seen with some minimalistic but crucial changes to it. When the constant hats before half of the track enter, it is given this peak-feeling kind of a moment which only follows by a pad that shifts into the other side of this track. Smooth.
And it comes back properly entering the same dark atmosphere it created before, only continuing to further “murder” everything before it. Really massive one.

Poredok is the second track on the EP starting with a massive sounding drum section following by industrial punches with elements playing with each other and coming from both sides, transmitting the picture of the soundscape beautifully into our heads.
The low pitched monster vocal element adds another layer of darkness to it, continuing with another gritty bassline that along with the hats that are constantly dancing from the start make Poredok a beautiful realization from Kronom’s side, continuing to the end with intelligently made progress changes that just give you this feeling of depth.

Senzor is the third and most calm track of them all. Starting with industrial constant ringing with vinyl-like crackles, a beautiful and dark pad in the background appears throughout. The color of the sounds gives it a industrial feeling. If you imagined what a dying graveyard of rusted ships sounded like, this would be the closest thing to it.
For me it is the most patient one of all three tracks by him, and crucial to end his side on this release. Around the 3:30 mark, the synth that enters is giving Senzor a touch with another galaxy. Industrial brilliance ending with just spacious and scary sounds, horror of the reality he imagined for Visions 009.

The latest track on the EP is Ruido’s remix of Senzor. Ruido is a Portuguese London based artist that is active since the 90’s and is the head of the 19thStudio label. His interpretation follows the ambient scene that Kronom set in the first place, only continuing to further develop it with a massive dark sounding rhythm and elements that just give Senzor a feeling like it’s seen thru the eyes (or ears) of an alien being on the scene while the original one is in the progress of existing.

Overall the whole release is one beautiful addition to Kronom’s discography, making his place in a European based label and with an international collaboration just giving a glimpse of what’s coming next in his career. He follows the same principle of the first “Suffocate EP” with this being a short film that needs to be felt and experienced. What he sees – he transmits very clearly through his production with a great set of engineering skills that make this professional and top of the notch in his niche.

The artwork, which by the way is one of the greatest works I’ve seen in my life and fits Visions 009 straight forward, is done by Manuel Peraud. The release is mastered by Giovanni Conti at Artefacts Mastering in Berlin.

Andrijan Apostoloski

Founder of frekvencii and self-proclaimed professional non-professional gonzo journalist of techno. Imagine that.