Middle-East is bleeding & the diplomats show who they are

Published on 10 October 2023 by Andrijan Kalashnikov

You know, I could go and criticise the Israeli government for ages about their occupation in Palestine, however if I would say that Hamas Rules (and mean it literally, unlike Shackleton’s tune with the same title which was just a message to share about what is going on in Palestine to those who dig-deeper) and agree with their terrorism, it would mean I’m equally hypocritical and blind to the terror done by the others.

Middle-East is bleeding & the diplomats show who they are — They Live (1988) ☠️

What I find sickening is how the whole world is divided when it comes down to equity and takes sides, while forgetting about the mistakes of the past, and that we’ve evolved much far with technology nowadays — hence if those mistakes continue to repeat, the world will inevitably be ruined… Greta Thunberg went once, spoke, got the attention of the world and everyone forgot about her. Volkswagen got caught cheating in their diesel-gate scandal by the 🇺🇸 USA, and to be honest I’m so sick of everything that I find it appealing that our own Yugoslav TITO had a factory of Volkswagen’s here, a company that is owned by Porsche who just randomly happens to be… an high-ranking Nazi SS Officer in the past? It’s not random, but I’ll write a post about Porsche & Volkswagen another time, if the Nazis don’t put me to sleep until I write under my “freedom of speech” rights – just an illusion we’re going to test together now.

Anyways, let me get back to the topic of the Middle East, especially starting with Morocco as they’ve had the most devastating earthquake recorded in modern history, and nobody – literally nobody from 🇰🇵 Macedonian hybrid regime didn’t spend a minute writing a single sentence, sharing their thoughts and prayers to those brothers and sisters of ours… while many of the civilised western world gathered millions, and we were celebrating 1-1 match with Italy here in Skopje. Let the sportsman celebrate, I’m sure they had no clue, but the FIFA and those who are paid to know what’s going on in this world, didn’t cancel the match and left dozen of people to celebrate here — while much more were dying in Morocco, having their last breaths and witness their worst horror…

Why I’m especially mad is because Skopje seems to forget that it got rebuilt by international solidarity back in 1963 and SFR Yugoslavia in those times were definitely different, with different breed of people than this savage land today, at least here in my proximity – wherever I turn. If you didn’t know, past the WW2 – maybe that’s one rare occurrence of having both the 🇺🇸 U.S. Army and the Soviet Red Army shoulder to shoulder helping dozen of civilians stuck in the destroyed buildings alongside the once real People’s Army of Yugoslavia. When everyone in the world helped and donated so we can live, we can rebuild Skopje from the ruins — our grandparents and all Yugoslav people were happy that we got allies everywhere, including the Middle East and the Unaligned Movement that 🇲🇦 Morocco was part of since 1961.

So… you know, I’m definitely not a fool and saying: It’s the Americans now, they are controlling us and saying you can’t help those – you must chose those. Nah… I’m no kid anymore, huh, it’s our own fascists that run in this region since long time ago, even before I was born. Because they seemingly care only about money and appearing to be on the politically correct side of things, while often they don’t observe that the rest of the world actually sees through them, and realises they’re just the same… same… same… but with a different packaging and marketing. Since I’m born and know of my consciousness, I haven’t had the experience to have a single political party that was in correlation with my beliefs – those who call themselves leftist nowadays are actually Stalinists and everything but what the real left should fight for today, as I think we’ve learnt enough from those times and the mistakes that were done under those symbols.

You know, I called myself communist at one time as well, but I grew up… ages ago actually, so much that the only political person in my life that I’ve contributed to was Bernie Sanders from the 🇺🇸 USA when he was a candidate, through a grassroots movement on Reddit. I didn’t just write to peoples emails and spam them, I was a part of their volunteer team there, and got to call US citizens myself, and tell them to vote for Bernie – because if you’re on the same page as me, you’ll realise that if he won, he would’ve been the best president that the Americans would’ve got, at least in modern history. But okay… things went the other way, and such is life, you know?

The biggest lies from the fascists were that socialism and the genuine leftist movement was against religion, those anti-commies lied to all innocent Muslims and made them from the most peaceful and beautiful religion that I know of personally, as my grandfather was a Hajj that has devoted his life to Allah and spreading the truth of Islam his whole life, and he was one of the most loving people I have in my memory since a child, feeling only pure love, and nothing but from him… you know?

But the difference between him as a real believer and follower of Islam and religion where everyone can take a stand and be a leader, same like politics, is much different. I know from certain no religion preaches anything black, but their leaders have no issue preaching of terror and death – in the name of…

Okay. Let it be, I might not be religious but I sure do believe in… the Universe, you know? I know, I know, for my own soul at least – that’s more than enough, as everyone sleeps with their own at the night and the things they’ve done.

This 🇰🇵 Macedonian government showed multiple times that the only thing it cares about is money, running through negative selection, and in the process divide the peoples of this land that lived in harmony and peace many years before, and there is evidence which you cannot simply paint-over… to lead them thinking they’re enemies, to be involved in blood-shed and nationalism, to act like patriots or in certain cases fighters for their freedom while in reality those bastards were just crooks with guns, having used their brain-washed citizens on the lowest emotions ever: nationalism, anger, hate, blaming somebody… yeah, blaming somebody.

Blaming somebody but yourself is the easiest thing you can do in life. I can blame the Americans, the Germans, the Albanians, the Macedonians, the Bulgarians, the Serbians, the IDK-WHO, but only one at fault for the situation I’m in right now (which is past bizarre, but I just hope I’ll get to write a sick book like Naked Lunch one day and not publish shit that won’t be good for anyone)… I’m at fault. For being a stupid naive kid in a world where the devil roams free, especially close to you if they see you got any sort of spark in your soul, as the devil has no soul and leeches on other — vampires, whatever u wanna call them, energy exchange in this universe is definitely real and no matter if you believe that shit or no (as neither do I have some scientific data to present to you right now) – I’ve felt that wrath of devils and soul fascism on my own skin, and I’m paying to this day despite not being at fault, actually the opposite.

And I realised as the days continued that while I was in Prishtina, people thought of TITO like an enemy, and I had only good opinions about him… not about those after who destroyed our union, but about his ideals and the whole anti-fascist movement in WW2 that we have as heritage and should be proud of… If only anyone cared to mention to me that the same wasn’t in Prishtina, I would have known to shut up and simply not try to be involved with helping their scene, and becoming friends with people there lol.

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