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Middle-East is bleeding & the diplomats show who they are

Published on 10 October 2023 by Andrijan Kalashnikov

But the sole reason I went to live there is because my own people here in Skopje sabotaged the event – and I only tried to unite people from across the region, an event that I will always cary in my heart not because it’s… how do I say, my unfulfilled EGO-KING-MOMENT
But because I had very much peoples coming from Europe, with flights, sharing their comments that they gonna come only to witness that rave in Skopje, can you imagine that? Bought through Resident Advisor.

And what happened – for those who know (and nobody really does) – happened, I will for sure not be involved in doing shit here with events neither in Kosovo, neither in Macedonia, as people here will sharpen the knife while pretending to be your friend, you book them in Tresor, you actively push them and motivate them – because you are naive (talking about myself) and you believe in the music…

But that music itself, which has anti-fascist roots by itself and is equally if not even more important artistic heritage from the black peoples contributions in our modern music, such as jazz, dub, you know? That music techno is sure the music of feeling utopia and total freedom, but like I said before, wherever there are pure souls – there are the Devils roaming around, ready to knife. Knife. Cut. Sabotage. Decompose. Destroy until you’re left without a single instance of your awareness left, until you’re questioning reality and even if your brother is your friend, or the person trying to murder you… yeah.

But you know, let me get back to the Middle East now. Because our 🇰🇵 Macedonian regime has no voice of its own, neither does it have real diplomats since God knows when, they are one-sided and chose to stood with Israel now, while being completely ignorant about the 🇵🇸 Palestinian occupation and that side of the things.

Hey, people, I’m not gonna say any violence is acceptable today, but that violence is the result of artificial politics and failure in diplomacy coming from the whole world, while those innocent peoples from both sides – despite their differences, those ones are the ones who suffer at the end. Same way I do here in a different place, same way many people in Yugoslavia did, but the difference with them is that their war is waging for lots of time, and the failure for the international world to even slightly contribute in bringing a peaceful and more healthy, just normal surrounding for both – even taking the first steps… just tells me that this world? This world is a crooked world where devils care about their euros, their money, their wealth – and being on the right side… It’s not the fault of USA or someone else lol, it’s the fault of everyone who chooses to act accordingly for their own interests and ignore the bigger picture, and what their actions will lead to many years from now.

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