Murdering human rights and privacy to deal with script-kiddies? We can’t wait for EU!

Published on 11 October 2023 by Andrijan Kalashnikov

Oliver Spasovski has literally went public and said all people who use VPNs are targeted and could be suspects for being cybercriminals, this is not hybrid regime, this is a fascist dictatorship.

Despite those fake email-bombs that were spreading around few months ago causing havoc, his announcement of saying that everyone who is using his right of privacy and human rights who are very explicit in the EU could be a suspect and might end up getting arrested, tells you a lot about if they’re solving hybrid cyber-threats or this so-called hybrid-regime is actually a very fascist police state that is running terror through its citizens, trying to scare them, and effectively making themselves fools to the international world that has evolved to understand the internet, unlike this negative-selection government that is listening to turbo-folk and has nothing except publishing Facebook posts as a way of understanding what the ones and zeros behind this huge array of network means for all of humanity.

The implications made by the minister, who continuously proves to the Western civilised nations that they actually have no clue of how the internet works, tells you that the political figures in this crooked country care more about making an announcement claiming they’ve fixed an issue, while they don’t understand what their announcement actually says.

This is the announcement from, published on 9th Oct

While it’s true a lot of bad actors do use VPNs to hide their identity very often, simply stating that all peoples who use VPNs are targeted into a group goes against the 🇺🇳 UN article of human privacy itself and specifically targets whole group of people and automatically assumes they’re criminal despite having no tangible evidence except your traffic being encrypted, which is your traffic and data – not theirs, and you own it, not them. If the Ministry of Interior stuff doesn’t know, the internet isn’t owned by anyone — and everyone has an equal opportunity to have their voice heard, however also to be secured and have their privacy respected. In all of European Union, VPNs are illegal and no institution they’ve mentioned such as Interpol do they announced that they’ll target whole users of using the encrypted network? Are we at war?

Because that would be a huge attack against freedom of speech, and despite this country being back in savage-years, the EU are thinking about both sides – and when they go against cybercriminals, they do it through legitimate ways of IT forensics, etc. For example, if you are researching through the internet and just want to take a glimpse of what is being shown in a different country, you need a VPN to see the different results that would show from a neutral country like Slovenia, for example. This means that all journalists, researchers and diplomats of all sorts that use VPNs for those reasons are being targeted into the same group as those potential cybercriminals.

Dudes, we can make and share a tutorial on how-to make a email-bomb like that in like 5 minutes, as everyone who understands the internet knows that through proper VPN and encryption, they cannot trace back to you – no matter how much they want to. That’s the internet today, but these people are simply not aware of how it works in reality, and that human rights and freedom of speech are more important than targeting whole group of people using their right of privacy being coloured as potential cybercriminals. Nobody does this in Europe, but there you go, the minister of our police has said it himself. Not me, him.

They can racially, religiously, sexually, profile you and if you happen to use a VPN for any scenario that is your human right, you might be targeted. If you happen to be any of those mentioned above, or a journalist, they can literally target you and make you a cybercriminal if you use your right to browse the internet freely, independently and safe from all censorship. VPNs are legal in the U.S.A, in all of European Union, everywhere basically. This might look like nothing to you, but the implications it holds behind the words of our police itself are huge for anyone who might be their political opponent, freedom fighter of any sorts for any cause. Thus, they’re effectively telling the whole world that if you excercise your human rights of privacy, and want your data to be encrypted on the internet and shared with a certain party as its your right, they can simply paint you as a cybercriminal despite having no tangible proof behind, and no forensics in reality.

Are we actually thriving towards the EU or are we just making announcements without thinking at all? Apparently, the government either doesn’t understand what’s the EU’s stand regarding privacy, freedom of speech and having your voice heard as neither of any of EU’s countries have made such a bizarre statement, because the implications would mean real fascism – and nobody there is doing that, this is literally censorship from this really, really bad dictatorship.

If this ministry and crooked fascist government wants to paint itself as civilised and EU-thriving, they must understand that all of the EU, including governments who’re struggling with much more serious issues and cyberthreats than those silly script-kiddie-bombs few months ago respect privacy and humans rights more than allowing themselves to paint a whole group of peoples using VPNs as potential cybercriminals. This is a huge implication against freedom of speech, etc.

Burning EU and other flags can now bring German jail term - BBC News

Burning EU and other flags can now bring German jail term – BBC News

We are the ones who are burning Europe, however at the same time see our brothers from the past, Slovenia – and how well they’re doing. Do you remember how radical they were when covert fascism that nobody else believed came knocking to their doors? Okay, so, after all of that, did they go change their history and erase all of their partisan history, or they learnt from the mistakes, they published them, and together – they became one of the leaders in the European Union by natural means, not by artificial politics like we lead here? Huh. It’s all in the mindset you sick fucks, nobody is above anyone – and the Macedonian fascism that also is surrounding the neighbouring countries are suffocating whole European Union, and most importantly of all — 🇦🇱 Albania, which is only a friend that we stuck into the mud that we’ve gotten ourselves into. Am I not right? Okay, fuck you and stop reading? Is somebody forcing you to read this? I’m putting my human rights and democracy at their radical test, to see how liberal, open and democratic we are, and all of the world to witness it.

Also about VPNs here’s an article from Amnesty International:
VPNs are a vital defence against censorship – but they’re under attack

Also… yeah, let me continue. So, the thing is that nobody in Europe will teach these empty shallowed non-intelligent negative-selection fucks how to be diplomats, or teach them how to lead politics. They communicate, and these fucks here accept everything – literally so much that even those who were allied with the Nazis and we have so many monuments in all Macedonia, we somehow got to accept that being changed in the books… what? Ok. This is not Gruevski, this is past him, with SDSM-DUI and others, so you see? Same shit, different package.

BTW fucks, the 🇺🇸 U.S.A. needed to warn and interfere about those fascist NGOs here, not anyone from the Macedonian crooked and sold-out government, imagine. They had to remind us that – hey, what you’re doing is not okay… After all you sick fucks, they were allies with us when we were good example of socialist country, back in the golden days before we ruined everything, everything and feel the wrath of that same evil today. Amazing.

Social democracy is everything but what these fascist fucks SDSM do, and the real social-democrats of the world including Europe see that. They see through their soulless fascist eyes sold for money, sold for their own profits, while they think they won something, but they won only knowledge from the world diplomats about what sort of savages we really are.

As you see in the world, everyone has the right to their own politics – both internal and external, and North Macedonia keeps forgetting that despite EU being some sort of union, those very same rights and laws I’ve linked in this page allows them to literally criticise their government, be an opposition while not feeling threatened or getting killed, and everyone – literally everyone is free, as in their lives are actually worth something. Here? If you remember, Martin Neshkovski? After that many deaths…? Who do you think done that? I’m gonna tell you, but listen good: The fascist(s) that instead of getting The Hague as a court, alongside everyone in his coalition no matter where they come from, he will get back, and we will feel the wrath of the Devil, but this time peoples trust me, we’ve shitted on literally all of our allies — this time I expect a very different and much more dangerous scenario than we had experienced before.

🇪🇺? Not for us. We’re psychopaths. We’re against each other, Macedonian vs Macedonian, Macedonian vs Albanian, Albanian vs Albanian, idk who-against-who… All of sudden Russia suddenly are our enemies and we took such a stance out of nowhere to get rid of their diplomats just like that, like they’re nobodies lollike ok dudes. Ok. That much, that we erase our mutual heritage from the anti-fascist movement? That much? You sick sold-out fucks. Why aren’t the Red Army’s Soviet monuments in Berlin removed? We can criticise the bad, but, dudes… you have no idea what politics this government are leading, and those who do… well, they get processed. Sad cowardly people that have only shown to the world throughout history that they’ll even kill their brothers for 1K€.

That’s the thing people, you may think those rich and successful country care only about money in their eyes, but that’s really not the case… It’s the opposite with them, we’re like that in reality. We sold out from a socialist country, to literally a fascist country that only cares about moneyno religion, no nothing – only political party and power, and in a cycle that goes in repeat since “independence”. Fuck this independence. We go against each other. They help each other.

To be ashamed to show a five-star with red colour? Okay. Whatever.

This government is sick. Sick like the prior one, and the prior one before, and the prior one until I don’t know how back – but for sure I do know we’ve lost those brave roots from movements such as the 2nd Macedonian Brigade, so much that we had no issue selling out 480 people just like that… for that same power, same money, same shit that’s only dividing us and feeding them.

Good. Good, such independence. Amazing, have fun people of independent fascist Nazi-Devil-Sold-Out Macedonia! Have fun. Europe sees through you, and they never gonna let you in. Never with these fascist negative-selection political-party dictators. And fuck the police, they blocked me on Facebook because of my criticismthat’s democracy (or lack of it) at its best. Fascist crooks, fuck – you – all! ALL!

СФ/СН MOTHERFUCKERS. MY FLAG? RED FIVE-STAR BITCHES. YOURS? MONEY. Soulless fucks, you expect to get into EU while you yourselves hate each other and go against each other all the time? Huh. This is a psycho hospital my dear friends, not hybrid regime, not nothing. Psycho fascist hospital. Northen Sicklandian Alles Greaten Ancient Macedonien Big Albanien Scenario Au Baum something like that yada-yaddayeah. While those who deserve to get into 🇪🇺 are getting fucked from all of you here, fascists pieces of scum. Nationalism in 2023? Fuck you all, nobody gives a shit – we all see through you and who you’re allied with – the devil and the money you sick fucks. All of the peoples here don’t give a shit except having a normal democracy and living conditions, and you are giving them terror, wrath and only make things worse for us to get into EU? Like this, artificially? Never. Trust me, we’ll never get in.

Good luck with the independence, and congratulations to all of you who sold out our partisans that gave you the freedom to play a country today… ass-hats.

P.S. of course these fascist fucks will blame somebody else, everyone – but not themselves. They’ll find someone else that’ll get the blame, and such is our democracy today that wraths with terror, death, heretics and adultery on every step, murdering our women, lying to our allies, changing our history just like that and thinking that removing our socialist past is right thing to do… Everyone is to blame, I’m sure, yeah. Just not you, the fascist crooks lol. Fuck off, and I hope the whole world sees you for who you are – pieces of toxic shits that burn all of Europe and the world. Toxic fuck ass-hats, all of you without an exception – everyone. Including that Apasiev fake-leftist fucker. Everyone. Fuck you all.

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