Stop dancing! We demand ceasefire in Gaza!

Published on 28 October 2023 by Andrijan Kalashnikov

We ask the world to stop all events from 3rd to 5th November, in order to show solidarity with our brothers and sisters in occupied Palestine!

tl;dr: Stop dancing from 3th-5th September to show solidarity with the world, and demand ceasefire in Gaza!

People, showing a 🇵🇸 Palestinian flag isn’t antisemitic! The war in Palestine has lost control, and many, many children, women and other civilian lives have been taken from this Earth because of the hunt of Hamas. Both Israeli and Palestinian people deserve better, and we condemn the attacks that happened by Hamas, however we must understand that the Israeli self-defence has lost control and there is nobody to protect the innocent Palestinians, while the 🇺🇸 Biden administration along some one-sided politicians from the EU feed them with dozen of dollars. Stop. Stop this right now, we demand ceasefire! This is a peaceful protest and you might continue it as long as you want, or until the conflict is resolved!

This is unacceptable for all humanity. Journalists have died, people in Gaza have lost all communication, water, fuel and we simply don’t know what’s happening there while we abuse our democracy and peace by not sending a message to the world that: all of us, of all ethnicities, religions and backgrounds simply want ceasefire and immediate intervention from the world to stop this blood-shed.

If you research the occupation of Palestine, you will understand that the issue is complicated, and right now there’s no time to be afraid, but especially not the time to be dancing in night-clubs and partying while innocent people are dying. This is past a conflict, this is genocide at this point. Techno itself has anti-fascist roots, and all electronic music in general – so we ask all of the electronic music industry to simply stop dancing and stop all events from 3rd until 5th November!!!

You can sign this petition to show your solidarity and voice, however we must not simply observe and stay silent in crucial times such as these, as being silent and ignorant is a decision of itself as well. We want peace for both 🇵🇸 Palestinian and 🇮🇱 Israeli citizens, and we wish for the whole Earth to show solidarity for once, and act… don’t observe, your actions matter now!

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This table of UN votes shows you plenty by itself:

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