Zelenskyy, stop your shit!

Published on 21 October 2023 by Andrijan Kalashnikov

I’m against innocent civilians dying, and I believe everyone is.
However on one side we have an actor, on another we have a person with much more knowledge and experience – leading the biggest country in the world coherently with many religions living there peacefully. As you read, please remember that I am a world neutral diplomat, and this is my opinion.

First of all, when the conflict with Russia and Ukraine war happened (for the Russians it is a special military operation, however I’m not going to be politically correct, and going to speak for all world now and how we see it), it was finicky. I was reading Russia Today, following the news there, and despite everyone and the Russians saying there won’t be war when they were provoked by the West, a conflict happened and this is where we are today. Now, Russian and Ukrainian intelligence officers know more than I do, but I am telling you what I see and witness, after having my intelligence as well — and want to explain to the world, and this fuck Zelenskyy something that he might not know.

First, the message to all peoples living in West, USA, etc: It is not fair to us, the peoples, to have the whole story of the conflict strangled by those who proclaim are western democratic and open media. Like I said, after the conflict happened, we were bombarded with anti-Russian propaganda from everywhere, including the techno scene which was overwhelming, and artificially led us taking a side against them, even asking for Russian artists to be put under embargo and not be invited, etc. As this bombarding of anti-Russian propaganda was happening and the majority of Western media took the one-sided story, I sadly was strangled and couldn’t even reach the Russian’s PoV, especially as we were taken with those… well, you know, very sad pictures of peoples that are casualties of this conflict.

After almost two years, there have been lots of evidence for the whole world to witness, but I have my own as well to let you know this: Fascists and nazis today come from every country, and they do… very sick things. They only care about power, money, dividing and conquering people. It’s up-to us to decipher who those people are, because for certainly they won’t be putting swastikas in XXI century, as things have evolved, and especially as we have the internet today as a technological advancement.

Macedonia which was part of Yugoslavia are land similar like Russia. We both have Slavic heritage, we have multiple religions living here coherently for years, and lots of past heritage from the Middle-East. The Red Army and Russians mostly were responsible for us living in a free world, and not in concentration camps today. Not Stalin, but them, the peoples who fought for our chance to have countries today, and lead them as we wish. And what did we do? We literally… literally… sharpened the knife for many of these years, and gave them a knife directly into their hearts. As my country expels their diplomats very absurdly to show who they’re aligned with, others are experiencing a lot of… well, unfair privileges that not always act accordingly to European values, but to the peaceful future for this country, and the region’s best interests as well.

I was collaborating with Ukrainian artist and decided that we are going to donate all the profits to Ukrainian charities, civil charities. We did some tunes, one of them went into a French international label on a V/A amongst Russians, Germans, people from all over the world. However, for our release specifically, after some months of that charity release gathering profits, I get the message to donate those moneys to personal friends of her army with weapons, which keep in mind will make me an accomplice in murdering my Russian brothers and sisters, indirectly? They have their own government for that… And peoples, yes, I’ve been criticising lots of people and may have used harsh words against Putin (Putin is zionist as well, but Lavrov is the person to trust imo) as honestly I don’t agree with his politics, but… you know? First I realised, who the fuck am I to judge him, when he knows like billions of things more than I do? But either way, I can write words and criticise every government on this world… but… to be involved in giving a single cent against Russians? ЊЕТ. Also while whole world donates for their civilians, that actor goes giving 500.000€ for peoples betraying Russia? And I am broke here, giving money for Ukrainian peoples? How do you think I feel? Like pissed at.

My weapons are my tunes, that’s more than enough – and inside them you won’t hear anything against Russians, anything against nobody, but many of those tunes (despite some being politically incorrect cuz yea punk bby 💋) are always anti-fascist and anti-nationalist.

I still donate to Ukrainian civilians, animal shelters, people who have their homed destroyed because for us here, those are our brothers and sisters as well. They were part of the Soviet Union, and despite some politics here in Yugoslavia, we’re full, full of their heritage and in the world of culture and art, love prevails people. You can even hate Putin (Putin is not Russian, Lavrov is) their politics and bullshit, but to go against Russians… that’s another thing now, you see? To go against the Soviet Union, which liberated us all here in Europe is another thing now, isn’t it?

Associated Press

Because the word fascism is used just on every second corner, I’d suggest informing yourself with the meaning of it by watching this 25 minute video clip on YouTube by an American creator.

The thing today is that fascism is often… very covert, and people realise what damage it has done after lots of time. Such as this particular case with Ukraine, where mr. Slavoj Žižek who is the Slovene top-Marxist diplomat easily throws it at Russians and also blah-blahs against western imperialism, we in Socialist Republic of Macedonia, now Northern Macedonia or Macedonia del Nord – looks better to me, have felt fascism throughout many years here. Of course, we know where we are and that are criminals on every corner, but those crimes… you know? People around the world… they don’t know.

Now it’s one thing to criticise Stalin, Soviet Union, TITO, Yugoslavia, etc; but to erase that heritage as it wasn’t part of one’s country is simply wrong, I believe. Especially in this certain situation where the Ukrainians forgot they were part of it, and the situation right now is caused by a Ukrainian USSR president that gifted that whole territory from the Russian SR to the Ukrainian SR, in the Soviet Union? Weird, isn’t it? You see… Soviets had no idea about Hitler as well, they got woke when he went even against them hah. But everyone does mistakes. It’s our duty to not repeat them, learn from them right? We all do mistakes peoples – all governments, all countries in the world, all politicians, everyone. We’re human beings and there isn’t a single person on Earth who is an angel?

First, I am not certain how Zelenskyy got a person who was aligned with the Nazis fighting against Russians in his 🇨🇦 Canadian ceremony, however the Canadians have apologised… and him? I cannot find any reactions. Anyways, when the Israeli-Palestinian conflict happened, the world world tries to… bring peace, and he cries that his conflict is overlooked? You see? Then, the Polish people got insulted. Etc, etc. Everyone will be to blame for their conflict in Ukraine, but not them. It’s always Russia, the aggressor, but Ukrainians? They deserve to get our donations through NATO as proxy ass-hats, despite this Green-headed fuck rejecting all negotiations with Russia in the first place?

Peoples of the all world… this isn’t the correct way to move forward.

I would suggest for all European lands to first remember who liberated us, and who allowed us today to live and choose our own internal systems here – which you paint as democratic, open, etc – and second, I suggest for even Americans and literally all of the world to question themselves if one-sided politics and rejection of all talks with Russia, who keep in mind is the biggest country in the world and has… strong allies throughout the years that haven’t gave them knifes, despite many peoples doing that. Heck, many people. Russians are one of the most betrayed people in the world, but so are all Slavic people. A lot of people. A lot, you know?

Nobody wants this. NATO needs to wake up, and instead of feeding Ukraine weapons and raising their money and being a proxy in killing innocents fighting for goals of sick people, tell this actor to re-think his politics. Russia at one point didn’t say Ukraine isn’t independent, and I haven’t heard them saying they aren’t allowed to join the EU, as Russia has countries who are already in the Union bordering them hah. But what I’ve heard Russia say multiple times is they don’t want any NATO bases around their borders, and if NATO (all countries included) think that have the right to pressure Russia and their allies and put NATO bases around their borders, they’re the biggest fools in existence. No US, no Canada, no Germany, no France, no nobody will tell Russia that. Everyone must respect that, end of discussion.

About the conflict, at this point in time, since Ukraine is rejecting all talks, I think is simply they the aggressors who’re killing their own civilians as well, lying them that they are gonna fight against Russian invasion or I don’t know what, while we all from the world… suffer? No peoples. When Türkiye wanted to be a negotiator for peace talks, the Ukrainians fucked the Russians in a ceasefire, and now those are the politics you get to play. In NATO, remember that Türkiye is a very strong power, maybe today in this situation more than any European countries together, as they have much more experience than… some “western-media” blinded folks.

This is not a fight about communism vs. capitalism vs. this vs. that. Ukraine will simply have to understand that they’ll need to talk to the Russians, and nobody will get everything. Russians will tell what they want, Ukrainians will say what they want – but I believe the reality is, nobody will simply have everything, that’s politics, however we must stand by them, so both parties are happy with the results at the end – but the whole world must be there together to help them achieve peace, not be proxy and give them tools to kill innocents. Wake up. This is a fight for humanity. They deserve peace, so do we. So does the whole world. Russia is the biggest country in the world, and they won’t give up. It’s not because they want a little bit more land and show they’re the boss, no, it’s because there’s a serious genuine issue behind all of this. Imagine, the biggest country in the world, fighting for a little bit of more land? For all this time? No, wake the f- up.

Everyone is free to criticise Russia about their internal politics, but to paint them as the aggressors at all times simply isn’t fair. As well, I believe they should have equal chance for us in the West to have their story heard, why the conflict happened in the first place. But also keep in mind that… nobody will force them to change their internal system, if not themselves, as they (unlike some others) are responsible for their country and know much more than we do. If Russian people want, they will even get into NATO or EU, or something? But that’s their own thing, we cannot change it for them, right? Especially being hostile towards them all the time, and we expect them to liberate themselves towards us? Huh. Think wisely, think who’s your ally and who is not. We’re all peoples that want peace, and Russians aren’t our enemies. Aren’t American enemies, aren’t Europe’s enemies, aren’t mid-East enemies, aren’t Africa enemies. Neither are Ukraine, but their leader politician? I don’t know about that, at this point especially.

No, I’m not anti-American, I’m not anti-anyone. I’m not anti-Ukrainians, i’m especially not anti-Russians as I’ve been in love with their country and land and peoples culture since I’m a little kid. I’m for peace. And we all peoples in the world are. We are for peace.


P.S. despite this government being useless dick-suckers for money without representing any of it’s peoples, we do recognise 🇵🇸 Palestine, and we are for justice and peace — and against any harm for all innocent peoples there!

Right now, for our peoples that live here of all ethnicities and religions: the Turkish, Russian and Chinese and some other real diplomats speak for us.

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