We offer analog mastering for electronic music and techno producers and labels with affordable prices that suit independent artists and labels.

Our engineers will get your tracks ready for use in the real word: from publishing them on either digital or physical format of any kind, to playing them in a club on a huge sound-system while evoking the best punchiness, without any losing of dynamics or clarity of the whole frequency spectrum throughout the process.

You can listen to our mastering on our Club of Gore imprint releases.


35โ‚ฌ/per track (up-to five tracks)
30โ‚ฌ/per track (more than five tracks)
25โ‚ฌ/per track (more than ten tracks)

Payment is done through PayPal or optionally a bank transfer.

We will deliver the finished tracks in the highest possible lossless format: 24-bit 48KHz WAV and optionally Apple Lossless (ALAC) and FLAC with the same quality parameters.

What gear do you have?

For those who are technically curious, we have a 1176 Peak Limiter replica, Tierra Gravity VCA Compressor, Gyraf G24 Passive Aggressive Compressor, LA-2A Opto Compressor, Studer A812 Mk.1 and Telefunken M15 tape machines, Bettermaker Mastering Limiter, Elysia xfilter, Elysia nvelope, Elysia karacter, Elysia museq and some few other components at your disposal.

Interested in getting started?

To get started, please contact us and include a private link from your music uploaded via WeTransfer, Soundcloud or Google Drive with ‘Mix & Master’ included in the email subject.

Usually mastering is done within maximum a week (for releases containing up-to five tracks), and we start working on it as soon as we receive the files and have priorly negotiated all the details with you and got the green light to go.

If you have any additional questions, don’t hesitate to initiate a conversation so we can clear things up for you, and make sure that we’re a good match before initiating a mastering process.

If we believe that the track(s) you’ve sent us require additional mixing, or can’t be mastered by us for various reasons, we let you know before initiating an agreement and continuing with the work.

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