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Michele Rabbia / Gianluca Petrella / Eivind Aarset ‎– Lost River

A couple of days ago ECM released a new album by the majestic trio that contains the two Italian musicians Michele Rabbia, Gianluca Petrella and Norwegian Eivind Aarset.

Lost River gives off darker vibes than a black hole, it starts with something that gives you the feeling like you are waking up from the objective reality. It puts you in a non-human form, making you a non-existent creature driven throughout the nothingness of the universe, along with the sound of these three musicians’ instruments.

The combination of the various sounds of their instruments makes you communicate with the mind of the universe. Eivind Aarset plays his guitar, making it sound like a non-earthly instrument (as per usual), while Gianluca Petrella caresses your soul with his trombone and in the background you can hear sounds of nature produced by Michele Rabbia and his percussions, to remind you that you still actually exist in a physical form and subconsciously gives you permission to physically move part of your body.

While still awakened by the simulation of the world, you can hear the ambient tracks that make you feel like you are listening to the music of the spheres, sounding melancholic, dark and somehow sad at the same time. However, as the album continues to play you realize that those melancholic feelings you get are not bad at all. It feels like you’re listening to a part of the universal truth, and it does not hurt at all, not even a bit.

As the album reaches the end you can hear noisy little sounds, that I guess is a way of finding the path back to Earth, so they can take you back to the objective hallucination of the reality, among the other human beings.
So if you want to experience a different form of meditation, led by someone else’s ideas, I highly recommend hearing this album.