In The Mix #15: Lesya

Getting back to our podcast mix series, we take the time to present you an hour and half of music selection by Lesya, one of the upcoming hard-hitting female DJs coming straight from Strumica, Macedonia.

Lesya about the mix:
Every DJ has his own story and journey. I always want to connect and communicate with my audience by actually showing them what YOU are capable of doing when you actually do something you’ve always wanted to do. I know the feeling when you’re raving and the DJ just can’t stop playing you some music you didn’t even know you wanted to hear… The key thing is sharing your energy and try to immerse yourself fully in the moment.


1. Caremajor – Function
2. Tensal – Propaganda
3. Seleccion Natural – Biological Fitness
4. Setaoc Mass – Destruction
5. 0010X0010 – Central (Original Mix)
6. Keith Carnal – Enabler
7. Bas Mooy – Tilt
8. Kaiser – Turn around
9. Kalter Ende & Sarf – 00001
10. Unbalance – Warehouse tool 2
11. Cassegrain & Tensal – CT01
12. Kwartz – No way out of the hole
13. Radial – Cru
14. Subjected – I want you to do everything
15. Héctor Oaks – As The Scum
16. Exal – Endless Wrath (Setaoc Mass Remix)
17. Oscar Mulero – Generator
18. Oscar Mulero – Reduction and Synthesis (Lewis Fautzi Remix)
19. Yan Cook – Toxin
20. VTSS – Sober raving
21. Rebekah – Murder in Birmingham