In The Mix #12: Vegim

Vegim is one of the people from Kosovo that has been involved with the techno scene since the early 90s. Since then he has permuted into this monster producer and DJ that is a staple and a mark of the Kosovo underground techno. Also the owner and founder of TMM Records on which you will find his latest EP “No Destination” available tomorrow.

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Moddullar – Medo [Newrhythmic] PEG – Metrus
Unconformist – Formality [STRISCTRX] Vegim – Born that way [Unreleased] Oruam Zior – Antitesis (Original Mix) [Remain] RNGD – Carbon Dust [Trancespire] Synthxx – Torninds
Takaaki Itoh – Regnizer [Planet Rhythm] Dykkon – Hell Bell (Version2) [Dkns] Interferon – VBx2 (Original Mix) [Omen] Vegim – Llom [Unreleased] Kwartz – Trapped In Reality [Weekend Circuits] Numbes And Parameters – White balance [Abstraction] Moddullar – Nervous [Newrhythmic Recs] Kaiser – Eternal Truth [Animal Farm] JX-216 – Propulsion (Original Mix) [Sleaze] Cravo – W Hydrae [HAYES] Joton – Picture From A Cold Winter [INNSIGNN] Shlomo – The Assault (Original) [VOLTAGE] NØRBAK & Temudo – Value of Icons [Modularz] Dimi Angelis – Cosmodrome [ANGLS] Dyspal – Broken Lullaby (P.E.A.R.L. Remix) [Skryptom] Moddullar – Self Confidence [Clergy] Oscar Mulero – Generator [Warm Up] Quelza – Olimpian Orbit
Vegim – Phases [Unreleased] Farceb – Silver Glow [Warok Music] Fixeer – Matrix Transpose [Aine] Lakej – Validation Of Assessment [Grey Report] Nastia Reigel – Trust, Intimacy [Enemy] Mike Parker – Night Calling [Geophone] NTALJA – Mårn [Norrköping Techno City] Vegim – Exhale (Remaster) [TMMR] Vegim – X5 [Lost Demo] Aiken – Genetics [Non Series] CNCPT – Frazil [Modularz] Tensal – Saga I (Original) [Ownlife] Cirkle – Tension [Float] Roll Dann – The Researcher [Modularz] Human Insect – Functions
Sterac – Scientific Methods [Klockworks] FU-5 – Wotecorix
Moddullar – No Signal [Clergy]
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