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N-H // LON Festival

N-H // LON is a brand new multimedia festival that aims to support technological advances in art such as video art installations, virtual reality, 3D mapping and such. The festival will have lectures about expressing today’s topics using technological advance of electronic music and an astonishing concept of a 32 hours rave on 4 different locations in Struga, Macedonia.

More information on the official Facebook page.


▪️ Ancient Methods
▪️ Andreas Hz
▪️ Kronom
▪️ Bodan Jamakoski

Summer Scene

▪️ Daniela La Luz
▪️ Soul Case
▪️ Herzel


▪️ LKF
▪️ Herzel (Live)
▪️ Diah
▪️ T-Scale
▪️ Prince$$ Donatsu
▪️ Martchin
▪️ Ivana Dragsić
▪️ Marko Rikaloski
▪️ Joss

Boat Afterparty

▪️ Głós
▪️ Ana Malo

Video Art Hall

▪️ Gurdun Mobus Bernhards
▪️ Oneness
▪️ Vedis

Locations: Struga, MK: Hangar / Video Art Hall / Livadišta

More information about the headliners:

Ancient Methods is one of the headliners of this festival, one of the leading names in contemporary techno. The project’s roots can be traced back to 2007 when it was formed by Michael Wollenhaupt and his then-partner Conrad Prutzmann, conceived a rebellion again the minimal sounds that were then so prominent. “The main reason to for this project was that [at this point] there was no techno that struck a chord in me,”Wollenhaupt recalls. “Techno was stagnant, it was dead, and tech house and minimal techno were omnipresent in Berlin at least, and when you were looking for darker, harder, grittier variants of techno—impossible!”
Ancient Methods has carved itself a name for its dark, industrial, and blackened take on techno—a raw, intense breed that’s uncompromisingly powerful and driving.

Next to performing live & producing, Daniela La Luz the co-owner of the record label “Parallel Berlin”. Her track “Did You Ever” was recently featured as closing track on Moodymann’s DJ mix for “DJ Kicks”. Starting with her very first release, Daniela´s productions made it into the record bags of high profile DJ´s such as Sven Väth, Laurent Garnier, Ken Ishii, DVS1, Guy Gerber, Solomun, Marcel Dettmann and many others. In 2015 “Feel The Future” was featured on tINI´s DJ mix for Cocoon Ibiza. Since 2008 she´s hosting own international club nights “Planet Parallel” and ever since 2012 with a residency at Griessmühle, Berlin.

Głós has made a point out of not following the sometimes linear Techno patterns with his artistry. He comes from a band-focused Rock-environment and runs his own label, arranged to be a wildly experimental project. Głós (pronounced ‘Gwos’) is also in several ways a close contributor to the Ressort Imprint label—founded by fellow producer Ekserd—since its start in 2013, already then having left his native Poland to become a Berlin citizen. The label website informs you that ‘‘Ressort’ is a German synonym for a journalistic or administrative department’, and that their specific expertise is the dance floor. Ressort Imprint has released several of Głós’ productions and features other regulars such as Array Access, Border One and The Plant Worker—as well as remixes by Cassegrain, Evigt Mörker and Pfirter. Głós’ new platform, his very own label Non-Print, released his debut album ‘Fem’ in September 2018—marking the exact five year anniversary date of his first EP, ‘There Is No One Like You’ (Ressort Imprint, 2013). The producer describes it as ‘a collection of re-works as well as new material without any creative limitations’. ‘Fem’ is presented as one continuous mix—with each of the tracks being available in their own individual entity.

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