In The Mix №35: Alavux

Belgrade born and Skopje based producer and DJ Alavux has been hailing the underground waters of the most proper acidic sounds of techno and electro since the early 2000s. A gritty raw take on warehouse music, we have one of the most straightforward and “raviest” podcasts on our platform so far. Continue reading “In The Mix №35: Alavux”

Cults Experienced: Techno Animal – The Brotherhood Of The Bomb

When you’re angry or perhaps something bothers you, you may choose to subside your anger with a pill of diazepam or some other stronger benzodiazepine prescribed from your doctor, or you can play music that channels those feelings and magically evaporate them through adrenaline, head-nodding and a smile that never goes away.
Continue reading “Cults Experienced: Techno Animal – The Brotherhood Of The Bomb”

In The Mix №32: Leo Lumezi

Don’t compromise, rave. A mix from Leo Lumezi, co-founder of Kosovo’s rave and techno organization Servis, takes us to a dark concrete garage with strobe lights flashing over the gloomy fog. An industrial wonderland that for the moment being is your mental spiritual connection with the true techno hypnosis, connecting you to the grooves, the essence of the rhythm and feeling one with the music like there is no tomorrow. Continue reading “In The Mix №32: Leo Lumezi”

Exclusive Preview: Club of Gore – Balkan Gore №1

We’re glad to announce an exclusive preview of the first Balkan Gore edition by our in-house label Club of Gore. Check out the madness like it came from the 90’s from Bosnian producer Forest People and Kosovar Nani Killa, both delivering heavy artillery behind their battle stations without blinking for a second. Continue reading “Exclusive Preview: Club of Gore – Balkan Gore №1”

DJ Disrespect – Jamz from the Attic

Frankfurt based DJ Disrespect drops a four-track EP entitled Jamz from the Attic for Italian label Scum Collective. One might ask himself what the heck can you actually write about straightforward techno? It isn’t innovative, it’s straightforward and it just bangs, right? Right… Not at all actually. Especially when it comes to DJ Disrespect, things were never so simple to start with. Continue reading “DJ Disrespect – Jamz from the Attic”

Dubstep: Behind the capitalist cringe word lies a UK scene rooted with anti-war hypnosis of unity through bass

Because dubstep hasn’t died for a brief second, but took its beating from the music industry, I’m going to try to defend it and give you an insight of how things were always standing with this specific genre in mind and how the word dubstep ended up being a dirty word in the electronic music scene even today. Continue reading “Dubstep: Behind the capitalist cringe word lies a UK scene rooted with anti-war hypnosis of unity through bass”