Nyctophiliac – Jazz It Up

Nyctophiliac is the alter-ego of Aleksandar Stojanovski, our co-founder and an excellent trip-hop crafter from Skopje that sound can be explained as he’s the messiah of the dark and gloomy jazz nights since his first debut with “Dark Side of the Mental” back in 2016 until his prior release “Everyday Existence” released last year; however with “Jazz It Up” he unfolds a previously unknown sonic universe to us and decided to shed the beams of lights through the magic of music. Continue reading “Nyctophiliac – Jazz It Up”

Trailer Park Boys is gonzo heaven comedy

Trailer Park Boys is a mockumentary TV series that dates back from April 2001, originally made for Canadian fringe TV network Showcase. What makes this show a perfect choice for your absurd and dark comedy needs is the special gonzo comedy that entangles the whole universe.

Continue reading “Trailer Park Boys is gonzo heaven comedy”

In The Mix №30: Amplidyne Effect

Amplidyne Effect is the improvised multimedia project run by producer, musician & graphic-designer Martin Georgievski (b. 1988 in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia). Taking its form as mostly a live improvisational music project, Amplidyne Effect is heavily influenced by an experimental/psychedelic spectrum of sounds ranging from Drone, Noise, Ambient, Contemporary Minimalist music and all the way to Post-Rock, Krautrock, IDM, Synth Wave elements. Continue reading “In The Mix №30: Amplidyne Effect”

In The Mix №29: Jame Zname

Born in Skopje in 1993, Jame Zname (Tamara Stojkoska) has the first contact with electronic music in her high-school days. She was immediately drawn by Berlin’s underground techno scene, influences that can be felt in her music to this day. Her energetic DJ sets include classic techno and industrial chords accompanied by minimal techno rhythms and hard techno bass. Jame Zname played a lot of music in Macedonia and Serbia, including gigs in prominent night clubs in Skopje. Continue reading “In The Mix №29: Jame Zname”

Techno 101: Starting Out From Scratch

In this 101 series, I’m going to explain how to start producing techno music from scratch. I’m using a blended style of production with roots from dub and trip-hop music, but we’re going to learn about the various types of styles, arrangement, getting that sweet sound and many more tips and tricks that will get you moving from nowhere. Continue reading “Techno 101: Starting Out From Scratch”