• In The Mix №29: Jame Zname

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    Born in Skopje in 1993, Jame Zname (Tamara Stojkoska) has the first contact with electronic music in her high-school days. She was immediately drawn by Berlin’s underground techno scene, influences that can be felt in her music to this day. Her energetic DJ sets include classic techno and industrial chords accompanied by minimal techno rhythms and hard techno bass. Jame Zname played a lot of music in Macedonia and Serbia, including gigs in prominent night clubs in Skopje.

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  • Techno 101: Starting Out From Scratch



    In this 101 series, I’m going to explain how to start producing techno music from scratch. I’m using a blended style of production with roots from dub and trip-hop music, but we’re going to learn about the various types of styles, arrangement, getting that sweet sound and many more tips and tricks that will get you moving from nowhere.

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  • DJ Bazootka – Leather Coated Bitch

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    Leather Coated Bitch is the latest offering from the Balkans blitzkrieg brutalist DJ Bazootka – an inferno of collective entities; cross-weaving the stylizations of ghettotek, Detroit, Dutch punk techno and smoked out brain-danced inflections.

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  • SÆDEM – Portae Inferni

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    How much bang would you like? Yes.

    Since the beginning of quarantine artists have been releasing more music then before to at least try to stay afloat and continue with their love. And it feels like more than ever before that many releases get lost in the algorithm. This had almost happened with the latest SÆDEM release. Luckily, if one searches for current bangers themselves, rather than letting machines choose what you might like, you will be able to trace down gems like this one.

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