Dense w/ Eomac

Over the past decade, Eomac has become one of the most consistent – yet diverse and exciting – voices in contemporary electronic music. His productions have left a mark on many dance-floors, releasing on the venerated R&S as one half of Lakker and his various collaborative projects and solo work as Eomac and EeOo landing on labels like Bedouin, Killekill, Stroboscopic Artefacts and Trilogy Tapes, all while running his own Eotrax imprint.
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Likvidator – Tripping Over God

I first came across Likvidator back in mid-2016 whilst reviewing an album he’d collaborated on. Upon investigation, I was struck by the diversity of his sound, as there were elements of illbient, dark hop, and noise littered across his freshman EP. Three years later, this Macedonian sound artist returns with his latest official offering, Tripping Over God. Continue reading “Likvidator – Tripping Over God”

The Rave Scene of Kosovo: Hapësira

We have one of Hapësira’s founders Uran Badivuku answer some questions for us about Boiler Room, reaching from 50kg to 500kg donation food on their events and more in-depth information about one of the biggest rave nurturing organizations in Kosovo. Continue reading “The Rave Scene of Kosovo: Hapësira”