🇲🇰 In The Mix №30: Amplidyne Effect

Amplidyne Effect is the improvised multimedia project run by producer, musician & graphic-designer Martin Georgievski (b. 1988 in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia). Taking its form as mostly a live improvisational music project, Amplidyne Effect is heavily influenced by an experimental/psychedelic spectrum of sounds ranging from Drone, Noise, Ambient, Contemporary Minimalist music and all the way to Post-Rock, Krautrock, IDM, Synth Wave elements. With over 15+ Official Releases, Improvised Podcasts, DJ Mixes, over 50+ performances at various venues, events and festivals around Europe, 500+ Live/DJ performances for Internet Platforms, Photography and Design exhibitions, the project constantly keeps evolving and is always active in the experimental scene.

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